Accelerate the performance of your web applications

Bring all the benefits of a CDN to your CloudVPS without any of the complexity of configuring one. OnApp Web application Accelerator will automatically boost the performance of your applications that are running on your CloudVPS. All it takes is a single click to install the accelerator. Your applications and content will be accelerated automatically which will help you save a lot of work and time. The OnApp Web application Accelerator compresses content such as images, stylesheets, and javascript. This helps you to reduce file sizes and bandwidth usage. There is no need for any modifications to the applications that you are running on your CloudVPS. The optimization is completely automatic, using minification or lossless compression of pages, scripts, and images, will not modify or reduce the quality of the source content that is running on your server.

Why you should use OnApp Web application accelerator?


Improve performance up to 100%

You can improve the performance of your applications and the content of your cloud machine up to 100%.

No technical knowledge required

Our Accelerator delivers the same benefits of a CDN without any CDN expertise or technical knowledge required.

One click global CDN

You do not have to spend hours of work in order to make your applications work faster all it takes is a single click. 


No config or recoding

OnApp Accelerator is an instant, hands-free web acceleration solution. No recoding, no DNS or CNAME changes – just a single click.

Add value to your cloud

Due to the automating content acceleration and delivery, you can use a simple, powerful global CDN capability without having to maintain and configure your own CDN platform

One price

OnApp Web application Accelerator costs € 15.00 per virtual server per month, which includes 2TB of global traffic. 

Speed comparison

These benchmarks show an e-commerce
website running on a standard virtual server
in OnApp, compared with the same application
using OnApp Web application Accelerator.

OnApp Accelerator decreases file size by almost 60%, improves load times more than 50%, and results in 75% fewer file requests to the virtual server

OnApp Accelerator results

Original OnApp Accelerator
File size 1.14 MB 0.47 MB
Load time 3.9s 1.9s
File requests 52 13