SMTP-relay Smarthost

With SMTP-relay Smarthost, you are covered up to 20,000 emails

Send up to 20,000 emails per domain securely and reliably without having to worry about spam filters, blacklisting, reputation damage, and other risks.

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What is SMTP-relay for outgoing mail?

Our free Smarthost solution acts as your reliable mail carrier, securely delivering your emails from your mail server to the recipient. Additionally, it helps you avoid technical limitations and security risks, such as the risk of being blacklisted due to unwanted emails. With our solution, you can be assured that only authorized users have access to your mail server, enhancing your email security and ensuring peace of mind. Choose convenience, security, and reliability with our SMTP relay service.

SMTP-relay Smarthost
up to 20.000 e-mails

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Per domain € 0.00
per month

SMTP-relay Smarthost
beyond 20.000 e-mails


Per domain € 5.99
per month

SMTP-relay Smarthost features

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Prevent spam

When using an SMTP relay, it helps you by detecting and blocking outgoing spam before it is forwarded to the recipient's mail server. This reduces the likelihood of your IP address being associated with spam, which can result in blacklisting.

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Many SMTP relay servers require users to authenticate before accessing the service. This means that only authorized users are able to send emails through the relay, reducing the risk of abuse and spam.

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SMTP relay can also assist in monitoring and managing outgoing emails. This allows the sender to prevent the transmission of malicious or spam-like messages and enables prompt response to any reports of blacklisting.

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FAQ Regarding Smarthost

What is Spam and How Can I Prevent It?

Spam is a common problem that can have serious consequences. It's important to understand the risks of spam so that you can better protect yourself against potential threats. In this article, you will learn about different types of spam and how to prevent them.

Why should I use an SMTP relay/smarthost service?

An SMTP relay/smarthost service offers several advantages. It ensures reliable email delivery, helps overcome technical limitations, and minimizes the risk of being blacklisted by spam or malicious emails. In addition, it ensures that only authorized users can access your email server.

Does smarthost also protect me against incoming spam?

No, this product is specifically intended for outgoing mail. If you also want to protect yourself against incoming spam, then we have included SpamExperts for our customers in our offer because, in our opinion, this offers the most solid solution.

Can I use SMTP relay with my current email client?

Yes, SMTP relay is compatible with most email clients

What does blacklisting mean and how does SMTP relay prevent it?

Blacklisting refers to the practice of having your IP address blocked by email servers because it is associated with sending spam or malicious emails. An SMTP relay service helps prevent this by managing email delivery and ensuring your IP address is in good standing.

Why is port 25 blocked for emails?

To keep your email traffic clean and to prevent abuse of our network, we have blocked port 25 as a precaution. You can use our smarthost solution free of charge to send emails. Our outbound spam filter protects your organization's email infrastructure from spam, phishing and other malicious email content. You can read all about it in this article.

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