1.1 Service Level Agreement (SLA): This Service Level Agreement.
1.2 Agreement: The agreements, recorded in a written record, by email, fax, through the order forms on the websites of and/or oral agreements enabling Service to the customer and for which the present Terms and Conditions apply.
1.3 Service(s): Services as further detailed on the websites and/or in a Concluded Agreement between and the Customer such as for Domain Hosting, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated servers.
1.4 Maintenance: Maintenance activities on server rooms, network and server(s).
1.5 The Customer(s): Any (legal) person(s) that has an agreement with and/or purchased services from
1.6 Network: The equipment and wiring that are being used to set up an internet connection in the server rooms of for the servers of and its customer(s).
1.7 located in Schiedam, registered under file number 24352386 at the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam with VAT number NL8124.80.909.B01.
1.8 Server spaces: One of the spaces where will provide its services to the Customer(s).
1.9 NOC page:
1.10 Average repair time: The time that is required to isolate and solve issues/reports of the customers.
1.11 Workingday(s) From Monday to Friday. Office hours are from 9.00 to 18.00 [GMT+01:00 Amsterdam]. Public holidays in the Netherlands are not included.
1.12 Response time: Period of time between registration of failure at and the actual start of the activities behalf of the customer to solve the failure.
1.13 DDos attack: Overloading and/or limiting the connection of one or more networks, systems, or applications thereon, by using multiple computers to access the network, system or application excessively.

Availability and Uptime

Our services are 24 hours, and 7 days a week available. During the duration of this agreement we will ensure that the availability of our network and power facilities in our server rooms will be 99,99%¹. The time of the failure and the time to solve the failure determine the eventual uptime guarantee of the availability. The availability will be measured monthly.

Converted maximal downtime:

  • 41 minutes on 28 days
  • 42 minutes on 29 days
  • 43 minutes on 30 days
  • 44 minutes on 31 days

¹ Our scheduled maintenances, maintenances of our suppliers and factors beyond our control (such as DDoS attacks) are not included

Discounts when the guaranteed uptime is not achieved:

When the guaranteed uptime is not achieved, the customer will receive a discount once only on the monthly costs of the following products/services: Dedicated Servers;

Within office hours
99.99% – Guaranteed (no fees)
99.90% – 10%
99.80% – 20%
99.70% – 25%
99.60% – 35%
99.50% – 40%
Less than 99.4% the entire amount of the monthly payment will be repaid.

Discount entitlement

If there are network issues on our end, discounts will be applied when you open a ticket within 5 working days.

Scheduled Maintenance

Non-urgent maintenances will be scheduled on the last Tuesday/Wednesday night of the month between 23:00 hour till 06:00 hour [GMT+01:00 Amsterdam]. When there are any urgent activities that cannot be executed within the monthly maintenance it will be communicated in advance on the NOC page of All scheduled maintenance will take place outside our office hours. Maintenance of suppliers where we have no control over are not included. However, we do have very strict agreements regarding the notification of the activities. Once the maintenance activities are known we will communicate this on our NOC page.

Response time

We guarantee a response time of 8 hours on all Support and Sales tickets.


Our services will be monitored 24×7 hours a day with automated check tools. When a change occurs these tools will send automated emails to the customer and this enables the customer to pick up or solve the problem.


All our dedicated hosting plans come with 25 GB by default. Your backup settings will be configured as a standard service.


In case of failures during office hours (Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00 [GMT+01:00 Amsterdam]) you can contact us by sending an e-mail to or you can call us on +31 88 3 088 099. In case of failures outside office hours you can send an e-mail to

Do You Need Extended Support?

With our Pay as you need service plans you’ll be able to purchase a block of support hours for OS installations, Control panel configurations or any other support requirements. You’ll be able to use your support hours any time you want. Our Pay as you need service plans will give you even faster response times and a high level of support.