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What is a Windows VPS?

A Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a versatile hosting solution that combines the power of the Windows operating system with the flexibility and privacy of a virtual server. Designed to meet the needs of both individual users and businesses, a Windows VPS offers a reliable and scalable environment for hosting a variety of applications and websites.

With a Windows VPS, you receive the familiar Windows experience, including compatibility with a wide range of Microsoft software and applications. Whether managing a small website or developing a complex business application, a Windows VPS provides the flexibility and performance you need.

Our Windows VPS solutions come with dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage, ensuring you receive optimal performance without sharing resources with others. Whether you're an individual developer or a growing business, our Windows VPS offers the perfect choice for reliable and powerful hosting.

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  • 1Gbps uplink
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  • Robust DNS Services
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Windows Server

This base edition is ideal for small to medium businesses, offering essential server functionalities like website hosting, data management, and light application support. Think of it as the basic model of a reliable car: dependable, does what it's supposed to without any fuss, providing a solid foundation for your business

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Windows Server

The comprehensive version, perfect for large businesses with demanding IT needs. The Datacenter edition allows large-scale server management, complex applications, and top-level security. It offers capabilities beyond the standard, for organizations requiring the highest efficiency and control

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Windows Server
10 - 11 PRO

These versions are tailored for business use, well-suited for small business servers. They offer a stable, secure system for everyday business tasks, optimized for easy management and reliability. These are not designed for heavy-duty tasks but perfect for daily operations with all necessary security features

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Choose your Managed Service plan

Choose your Managed Service Package for a hassle-free hosting experience! With our Managed Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS), the Sailor Plan comes standard. If this doesn't meet your SLA needs, upgrading to one of our two more comprehensive packages is easy. For details on the services included in our Managed Server packages, check out our Managed Server page.

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View all VPS possibilities

Looking for a powerful Windows setup with top speed?'s Pure Performance VPS is designed for your most demanding projects. Other options we offer include Cloud- or WooCommerce VPS, for example. Visit our VPS page to find your ideal solution.

Windows VPS features

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Easy Management

Windows VPS features a user-friendly interface with familiar tools such as Windows Remote Desktop, simplifying server management for both novices and experts.

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Seamless Integration

The platform is fully compatible with popular Microsoft products and services, ensuring seamless integration with tools like Office 365 to enhance productivity and collaboration

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Community Support

Benefit from Microsoft's comprehensive support and a global community, with access to extensive documentation and community forums to maximize your Windows VPS experience

Optimise your Windows VPS

Add your favorite control panel or security suite

Plesk Control Panel

The Plesk Control Panel is the most comprehensive and user-friendly cp available. With one click, you can install applications, and file management is incredibly easy with the built-in editor. So, you no longer need an external FTP program. There are numerous online resources available for Plesk when you want to use a specific functionality


cPanel is an intuitive and control panel, suitable for managing websites, domains, and email accounts. It offers a range of features for file management, database management, and security options. cPanel is ideal for both beginners and experienced webmasters, known for its user-friendly interface and powerful toolset


DirectAdmin is an efficient and user-friendly control panel for web hosting, known for its light and fast operation. It offers easy management of websites, email accounts, and domains. Suitable for both hosting beginners and experienced administrators, DirectAdmin provides a clear interface for managing files, databases, and security settings


Imunify360 isn't just antivirus software or a firewall. It provides a web application firewall, real-time antivirus protection, firewall, patch management, intrusion prevention a detection system, and more. The cooperation of all these components means rapid detection, repair and protection against any threats that may arise

Sophos Intercept X

Using deep learning AI, anti-exploit, anti-ransomware and monitoring technology, Sophos Intercept X thwarts threats before they have a chance to do harm. Rather than relying solely on one key security method, Sophos Intercept X for Server uses a complete, defense-in-depth strategy to defend servers in multiple ways

Acronis Cyber Protect

With Acronis Cyber Protect Backup, what might seem like a data catastrophe is merely a small hiccup. Our comprehensive backup solutions enable the recovery of select files, folders, or entire backups through Granular recovery. Rest assured, your data is safe and swiftly recoverable, allowing you to work with peace of mind


With SpamExperts, you can enjoy a worry-free email environment, ensuring reliable communication with the world. In case your mail server experiences temporary unavailability, SpamExperts has got you covered. Our solution ensures that you retain complete control over your emails, securely stored in our fallback storage until your server is up and running again

Managed Firewall

With our Managed Firewall, you can bid farewell to concerns about the security of your business data. Our solution offers an advanced security layer, shielding your company from threats and attacks. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is safeguarded by OPNsense's top-class security measures. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing security

Private VLAN

A Private network creates a second network interface, unreachable from the internet. This can be used to communicate with other servers or VPS's within the same environment. Your data is not sent via a public network so you can safely transfer data between your servers. Also you can send unlimited traffic within your network without additional costs

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