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Pure Performance VPS

Maximized speed for more power and higher performance.

Speed is getting more and more important for running your websites and applications smoothly, both functionality and SEO will suffer from slow hosting. Our Pure Performance VPS packages are very suitable for demanding environments such as Magento Hosting and High-Traffic WordPress Hosting but also for apps and databases with higher requests. We are certain you will get the powerful performance you need from our Pure Performance VPS, that's why we allow you to cancel monthly, satisfaction guaranteed.

Satisfaction guaranteed is ISO 27001 certified

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VPS Speedy

4 Dedicated CPU cores
Base frequency 3.5 GHz

8GB Dedicated ECC RAM

100GB NVMe storage

10TB traffic

1Gbps uplink

Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6

1 snapshot

Datacenter location the Netherlands


€ 68.99 € 34.49
per month

VPS Sporty

8 Dedicated CPU cores
Base frequency 3.5 GHz

16GB Dedicated ECC RAM

200GB NVMe storage

15TB traffic

1Gbps uplink

Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6

1 snapshot

Datacenter location the Netherlands


€ 134.99 € 67.49
per month

VPS Turbo

16 Dedicated CPU cores
Base frequency 3.5 GHz

32GB Dedicated ECC RAM

400GB NVMe storage

25TB traffic

1Gbps uplink

Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6

1 snapshot

Datacenter location the Netherlands


€ 269.99 € 134.99
per month

New customer offer: Now up to 53% off on all VPSs for the first 3 months. Use this discount code: 50VPSOFF

*In order to protect your email traffic and to keep it clean, we have blocked outgoing email on port 25. You can send clean emails via our Free Mailrelay (Spamfilter) which is called Smarthost. You can easily install our Free Mailrelay by following the installation guide.

Pure Perfomance VPS Hosting

At, we only use the best drives and techniques to provide the best possible performance for your server or applications. Your Pure Performance VPS includes local NVMe SSDs that are up to 6 times faster than a normal SSD drive. This makes your Pure Performance VPS with NVMe SSD perfect for operations that require fast read/write speeds. Out Pure Performance VPS plans can also handle more processes because they include a Processor speed of 3.5 GHz. This is almost two times faster than a regular CPU. This also allows handling queue commands better, as a result, your overall server performance will be improved. You can choose from 3 Pure Performance VPS plans with NVMe SSDs starting from € 34.49 a month.

Self-managed Pure Performance VPS biedt de volgende voordelen.

Wij bieden je de beste features zodat jij sterk van start kunt.


performance vps icon
pure performance vps icon

Higher Speeds

Our Pure Performance VPS with NVMe SSD drives provide higher performances due to higher CPU clock speeds and faster disks. This makes it a great hosting solution for data-heavy applications. Resource-heavy environments such as Magento hosting or High-traffic WordPress hosting may need to complete thousands of operations per second. Our Pure Performance VPS servers ensure smooth performance during the requests of the applications or sites.


Greener technology

Compared to other disks, NVMe SSDs are more energy efficient. As a result, the power consumption of your Pure Performance VPS will be reduced. Overall, we can say that a VPS server with NVMe SSD is more eco-friendly.

private network
private network

Private Network

Connect your Performance VPS or dedicated server with a private network. This allows you to transfer your data quickly in your environment. You will also have unlimited traffic between your VPS machines.

minimale wachttijden

Better Queuing

Our Pure Performance VPS plans include a CPU speed of 3.5 GHz. This is almost two times faster than regular CPUs. As a result, your NVMe VPS can handle processes much quicker which is ideal if you are running heavy workloads or databases. Local NVMe SSD drives also provide lower latency, and this reduces the time that is needed to process a request.


Dit ontvang je bij een Self-managed Pure Performance VPS


ISO/iec 27001

ISO 27001 certified

Quality and security are of high importance for us. Our ISO 27001 certification is proof that we process and protect the data of our customers in a secure way. 

safe and dependable icon

Instant setup

Just like any of our services, this server will also be activated right after your order. You will save time because you will be able to run your projects immediately after your payment. 


Instant Snapshots

Snapshots of your Pure performance VPS will allow you to revert back to the earlier state of your virtual machine.

advanced firewall

Advanced firewall

Our advanced firewall allows you to secure your server. When suspicious activity is detected, the traffic will be blocked by our firewall before it reaches your machine.


operating system installations icon

Favorite OS

Choose the Operating system that you like. We offer both Linux and Windows Server editions. You can always try another OS for your server via your client area.


1 Gbps Uplink

Your Pure Performance VPS server is delivered with an Uplink connection of 1 Gbps. This allows higher connection speeds. You can always upgrade your uplink connection up to 10 Gbps on your request.

email verificatie

Free SMTP Relay

We like to keep our network clean. Port 25 is blocked to protect our network and the email traffic of our customers. We recommend using our Free SMTP relay service for sending clean emails.

backup management icon

Customisable Plans

Your Pure Performance VPS server is flexible, which means you can adjust the resources of your server such as RAM, bandwidth, or storage. This can be easily done via your client area.

always up to date

Upgrade Anytime

You may have the need to change your plan from time to time because of your changing needs. You can easily upscale or downscale your plan via your client area.


  • ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

    We guarantee continuous improvement in security, availability, and quality.

  • Optimized

    Flexible in up- and down scaling. To meet all your hosting needs.

  • Moving service

    We will do the heavy lifting, and we are quick and thorough at it.

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  • Swift answers

    Guaranteed quick response times.
    You can reach us 24/7/365.

  • 100% Network uptime

    We always like to give one hundred percent. So that's the uptime we offer.

  • Continuous improvement

    We keep improving our processes to meet the highest standards.

I can feel that people at Snel really care. For proper tech. For documentation. For quick, reliable, and friendly support.
Working in IT for over a decade, Snel is one out of two providers I can recommend without hesitation.

Raphael Sprenger

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