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This web hosting control panel makes it easier to manage websites and hosting accounts. It includes a graphical user interface and tools for automating common web hosting tasks. Because of its ease of use and security features, cPanel is widely used by web hosting companies. Choose cPanel today to enjoy the advantages of a simple and secure control panel for your web hosting.

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Why choose cPanel?

The cPanel control panel offers a user-friendly web hosting interface as well as automation tools to make website and hosting account management easier. It makes email, databases, and Internet file uploads easier. It saves time and allows website owners to concentrate on their online presence rather than server administration. Choose cPanel to simplify and improve the efficiency of your web hosting.

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cPanel Features

cPanel has a wide set of features that will give you a helping hand when managing your business. Here are 6 features that make cPanel stand out.

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Through a graphical user interface, the file manager in cPanel enables users to upload, manage, and organise the files that make up their websites. Create directories, upload files, modify files, and control permissions are all included in this. Additionally, the file manager has functions like multiple file uploads, archive creation and extraction, and statistics on how much disk space is being used.


Backup Management

For users' convenience, cPanel offers automated backup and restore options for securing their websites and data. Users can opt to preserve a specific amount of backups, and backups can be scheduled to run automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In addition to managing backup disk space, the backup management capabilities in cPanel allow you to retrieve and restore specific files or whole backups.

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Database Management

Database management tools for MySQL and phpMyAdmin are available in cPanel. From within cPanel, customers can easily execute SQL queries, add and manage database users, and create and administer databases. To protect database data, the database management tools in cPanel also offer reliable backup and restore capabilities, as well as support for importing and exporting data between different systems and environments.

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The ability to create email accounts, manage email forwarders, set up autoresponders, and construct email filters are just a few of the email account management capabilities available in cPanel. Users can create rules for handling incoming emails using email filters, such as automatically forwarding emails from a particular sender to a different email address. Spam management options, such as a spam filter and the ability to label emails as spam, are also included in the cPanel email administration tools.

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Security Management

To assist users in maintaining the security of their website and data, cPanel offers security capabilities. This includes IP blocking, password security, and SSL certificate management. Through cPanel, SSL certificates can be quickly installed and managed, enabling users to secure their website and safeguard sensitive data. Specific directories on the website can be secured using password security, and IP blocking can be used to prevent access from certain IP addresses.

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Multiple WordPress sites may be installed and managed from a single interface thanks to the WordPress toolkit in cPanel, which offers a collection of tools for managing WordPress installations. Along with tools for optimizing and safeguarding WordPress installations, the WordPress toolkit in cPanel also provides options for managing plugins, themes, and updates. Users may easily and effectively manage their WordPress websites with the help of the toolkit without having to log into the backend of each individual website.

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