Privacy Statement Policy B.V.

Privacy-sensitive data, also known as personal data, are processed through our website. All personal data collected by B.V. is treated strictly confidential and will not be lent, leased, sold, or in any way be made public. We guarantee you that the information you provide us will be treated with the utmost care.

In our processing, we comply with the requirements set by the privacy legislation. That means, among other things, that:

  • we clearly state the purposes for which we process personal data. We do this via this privacy statement;
  • we limit our collection of personal data to only the personal data necessary for legitimate purposes;
  • we first ask you for explicit permission to process your personal data in cases where your permission is required;
  • we take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and also demand that from parties that process personal data in our regard;
  • we respect your right to provide your personal data for inspection, correction or deletion. B.V. is responsible for data processing. In this privacy statement, we explain which personal data we collect and use and for what purpose. We advise you to read this carefully.

This privacy statement was last modified on 14th of June 2024 at 11:39 AM.

Use of personal data

When using our website, we obtain certain information from you. That may be personal data. We only keep and use the personal data provided by you directly, within the framework of the service you request, or when it is clear you provided these data to us to process.

We use the following data for the purposes mentioned in this privacy statement:

Processing activities of regular personal data

Customer data

We collect name, address, place of residence, email address/phone number, and digital data (IP addresses, login information) to be able to provide our services. These data are processed by Stripe, Mollie, PayPal, and CoinPayments. These payment service providers collect identifying information about the devices that connect to them. They use this information to improve their own services, for example, to detect fraud. You can read the privacy policy of these processors at the URLs listed below.


We collect names and email addresses to efficiently communicate with our customers. This data is processed by Freshworks,, Sendinblue, MailChannels and Mailchimp. You can read the privacy policy of these processors at the URLs listed below.


The processing is based on an agreement and the data is stored for a maximum of two years after termination of the agreement. The processing takes place within the EU or in a country with sufficient legal safeguards.

HR data

We process personal data in the context of job application procedures and the associated screening of potential candidates. This data is kept for up to six months after the end of the application period or vacancy closure. We do this in order to complete screening processes after the new employee has started.

Strict Security Measures

We implement strict security measures to ensure the privacy of our customers and personnel, such as access restriction/prior authorization, anti-malware, guarantees regarding system security, network design, logging of all actions, and procedures for security evaluation and revision.


At certain parts of our website, you must first register. After registration, we will save the username and the personal data you have provided. We keep this information to ensure that you do not have to enter it every time and to contact you in the context of the execution of the agreement.

We will not provide any data linked to your username to third parties, unless this is necessary in the context of our agreement or if this is legally required. In case of suspicion of fraud or abuse of website, we are allowed to provide personal data to the competent authorities.

Personal account (SnelPanel)

Through our portal you can gain access to a management environment where you can set, specify and change your details.

Order Process

When you place an order, we use your personal data for the processing your order. There is a chance that we will provide your personal data to third parties when your order needs to be processed with more care. More information can be found in this privacy statement.


You can purchase your subscription via our website and
For this purpose, we ask you for the data necessary for payment and verification purposes. These will not be used for other purposes.


In addition to the provided information on our website, we also have the right to inform you about our new products and services

  • email
  • social media (Meta, Twitter, Linkedin en Google Ads etc.)

Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity

We use Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity to track how visitors use our website. We have entered into a data processing agreement with Google and Microsoft to make arrangements regarding the handling of our data. Furthermore, we have not allowed Google and Microsoft to use the Analytics information obtained for other Google and Microsoft services. Finally, we anonymize the IP addresses. You can read the privacy policy of this processor at the URL listed below.


Contact form and newsletter

By means of a contact form on our website, you can ask all your question. Your personal information is required but you are able to provide selective information. The data that you have provided will be saved until we have answered your questions and processed your request to your satisfaction.

We sent newsletters in order to inform interested parties regarding our products/services. Every newsletter contains a link where you can unsubscribe. Your e-mail address will only be added to the list of subscribers with your explicit permission.


We do not publish your customer data!


Our website does not display third-party advertisements!

Provision to third parties

We can share your data with our partners, in compliance with GDPR legislation. These partners are involved in the execution of the agreement.

Cookies uses cookies on its website. Cookies are also placed via third parties that are enabled by us. When you first visit our website, a notice is displayed explaining why we use cookies. When you are using after this notice we assume that you have accepted the use of cookies.

You are free to disable cookies through your browser. Bear in mind that this could affect the functionalities of our website. It is possible that our website will not work optimally.  Furthermore, we have made agreements with third parties regarding the use of cookies and applications. However, we do not have complete control over what the providers of these applications themselves do with the cookies when they are displayed

For more information regarding these applications and how they deal with cookies, please read the privacy statements of these parties (note: they can change regularly).


We take security measures to limit abuse of and unauthorized access to personal data. In particular, we take the following measures:

  • Access to personal data is protected with a username, password and MFA (Multi-Factor Authenticatie)
  • We take physical measures for access protection of the systems in which personal data are stored
  • We use secure connections (Secure Sockets Layer or SSL) that protects all information between you and our website when you enter personal data
  • We keep logs of all requests for personal data

Retention period

The personal data described above are retained for as long as necessary to process your orders, including warranty. stores your data for one year this is for the statistical purposes as mentioned above. Your data will then be erased unless there is a statutory obligation that requires longer storage (such as the seven-year fiscal retention obligation for payment data).

Third party websites

This privacy statement does not apply to websites of third parties that are connected to our website by means of links. We can not guarantee that these third parties handle your personal data in a reliable or secure manner. We recommend you to read the privacy statement of these websites before using these websites.

Changes to this privacy statement

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy statement. It is advisable to consult this privacy statement regularly in order to be aware of any changes.

View and change your data

For questions regarding our privacy policy or questions regarding access and changes to (or deletion of) your personal data, you can contact us at any time via the information below.

You can also send us a request to view, change or delete this data. You can also submit a request to request a data export for data that we use with your consent, or a motivated request to limit the processing of your personal data by us.

To prevent abuse we can ask you for adequate identification. When it relates to access to personal data linked to a cookie, you need to send a copy of the cookie in question. You can find it in the settings of your browser. If the details are not correct, you can ask us to change the data or have it removed.

Authority Personal Data

Of course, we will gladly help you if you have complaints about the processing of your personal data. Under the privacy legislation, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority against this processing of personal data. You can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority regarding this.

Contact details B.V.
e. [email protected]
t. +31.883088099

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our support department will be there to answer any questions. You do have the right to request a deletion of your personal data. You can request this via our contact page.