How Our Affiliate Program Works


Sign up as an Affiliate via our Panel. Tell your friends or colleagues about


Download our banners and use our special tracking links, make sure that the banners are linked.


You’ll earn money after your friend has ordered a server via the unique link.

Two Ways to Get Paid


1. Earn per Signup

Recommend our services to your friends or colleagues. Each time you refer a friend you’ll earn up to 29 euro credit.

Dedicated Server Signups / mo:

  • 1 – 6……..€ 29 / per signup
  • 6 – 10……..€ 39 / per signup
  • 11+………..€ 49 / per signup

Cloud VPS Signups /mo:

  • 1 – 10……..€ 5 / per signup
  • 10+………..€ 8 / per signup

2. Earn per Recurring Commission

You can also sign up for our recurring commission. Rather than receiving a one-off commission, you can earn recurring commissions for your referrals.

Dedicated Server Signups /mo:

  • 3 – 9………3% / per signup
  • 10 – 20…….5% / per signup
  • 20+………..8% / per signup

Cloud VPS Signups /mo:

  • 3 – 10…….5% / per signup
  • 10+………..8% / per signup

Affiliate Banners

Here a just a few samples of our Affiliate banners. You can download more banners and integration codes in your account. Place these banners on your website or send it to your friends. Make sure that the unique tracking links are linked to the banners.

It's Easy to Get Started

Recommend our services to your friends or colleagues and earn money for your referral. Each time you refer a friend you’ll earn up to 29 euro for your referral. Be sure that your referral is using your unique tracking link. Your referral should complete his order within 30 days of clicking on the affiliate link. All orders should have a minimum billing period of a month. Your commission will be added to your SnelWallet balance and will be paid from EUR 50.

It really works that simple. You refer clients to us and we’ll reward you with credits!