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How Does Our Affiliate Program Work?

Are you happy with and want to recommend us to friends, family, or colleagues? Or do you have a website where you like to promote quality services? With our affiliate program, you can earn some extra cash. In four simple steps, you can receive an attractive discount or even generate some extra income.


Sign up as an affiliate through our customer panel. 

Download our banners and spread the word. Use the tracking links and make sure the banners are linked.

If someone orders through your unique link and remains a customer for at least 1 month, you'll receive the money in your Snelwallet.

Spend the money at or have it paid out to your bank account once it reaches 50 euros.

How Would You Like to Get Paid?

One-time payment


Receive compensation when the customer you refer pays for the purchased product for a full month.

Dedicated Server one-time

1 - 10 customers
10+ customers

€ 29 Per sign-up
€ 39 Per sign-up

VPS one-time

1 - 10 customers
10+ customers

€ 5   Per sign-up
€ 8   Per sign-up

Monthly payment


Every month your referred customer renews the product, you receive a recurring percentage of the purchase amount.

Dedicated Server recurring

3 - 10 customers
10+ customers

3%  per month
5%  per month

VPS recurring

3 - 10 customers
10+ customers

5% per month
8% per month

Affiliate Banners

Here are some examples of our affiliate banners. You can download more banners and integration codes through your account. Place the banners below on your website or share them with your friends. Make sure the banners are linked with the unique tracking link.

It's really simple.

Do you want to earn money in a simple way? Then recommend us to your friends or colleagues. Just make sure your friend uses your unique affiliate tracking link. The referred customer should place an order within 30 days after clicking on the affiliate link. Additionally, there's a minimum one-month purchase requirement. You'll be paid out after 60 days. Your commission will be added to your SnelWallet and can be withdrawn once it reaches €50.

It's incredibly straightforward – you refer customers to us, and we reward you with money!


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