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When choosing a domain name, the extension or top-level domain (TLD) is just as important as the name itself. The TLD tells more about the nature of the website. For example, if you want to target visitors from the Netherlands, a .nl extension is the best choice. A .com extension is used worldwide and is therefore suitable for international websites. In addition, there are also extensions such as .shop, .online, and .blog that make the content of your website even more clear.

What is a domain extension? visual explanation of domain name extension, tld, top level domain

In general, a domain extension gives you the opportunity to convey specific information about your website to the visitor. For example, a .nl extension can indicate that the website is aimed at the Dutch market, while a .org extension can indicate a non-profit organisation. Meanwhile, many new extensions have been added, such as .shop and .online, which are specifically intended for e-commerce websites.

Choosing the right domain extension is therefore almost as important as choosing the domain when registering a domain name. By considering the nature of your website and your target audience, you can choose the best domain extension to achieve the desired image and goals of your website.

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When you become a customer, you can use our moving service. We will transfer all your domain names for you. All you have to do is provide the relocation details. Contact us and have your domain name transferred immediately without any hastle.

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We're happy to help you build your brand identity. That's why we offer free white label service with all our domain names. With white label service, you can offer our services without us appearing in the WHOIS. This way, you can focus on your customers and we'll take care of the technical details.

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Standard with DNSSEC

Safety is of great importance to us, which is why we offer free DNSSEC with all our domain names free of charge. With DNSSEC, DNS requests are extra secure, providing better protection for your website against possible attacks. This way, you can do online business with peace of mind.

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FAQ Regarding Domain Extensions

What is a domain extension?

A domain extension is the last part of an Internet domain name, such as .com, .org, .net, etc. It indicates the purpose, region or type of website.

How do I choose the right domain extension for my website?

When choosing a domain extension, it is important to consider what your website is for. .com is often used for commercial purposes, .org for non-profit organizations, .edu for educational institutions, etc.

Do generic and country code domain extensions differ?

A generic domain extension (e.g. .com, .org) is not tied to a specific country and can be used worldwide. A country code domain extension (e.g. .nl, .de) is specific to a particular country or region

Can I change the domain extension?

Yes, it is possible to change domain extensions. However, it requires technical steps like redirecting traffic and updating links, and it can affect your search engine optimization and brand awareness.

Are some domain extensions better for SEO than others?

The choice of domain extension in itself does not directly affect SEO. Search engines like Google treat all domain extensions equally. The content and quality of your website are more important for SEO.

Domain extension registration restrictions?

Yes, some domain extensions have specific registration requirements. For example, some country code domain extensions require you to be a resident or business in that country.

Reliability new vs. traditional domain extensions?

Reliability does not depend on the extension, but rather on the reputation and security measures of the registrars and hosting providers. Traditional and new extensions can both be reliable.

What if the desired domain extension is already registered?

If the domain extension and domain name extension you want is already registered, consider choosing a different extension or finding another domain name that is available with the extension you want.

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