What is an SSL Certificate

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What is an SSL Certificate and Why Do You Need It?

If you’re new to the world of IT, you’ve likely heard of the term SSL, but what does it actually mean? In this article, we will explain in simple language what an SSL certificate is and why it’s so crucial for your website’s security.

Understanding SSL

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Fundamentally, it’s a technology that establishes a secure connection between a visitor’s internet browser and the server where your website is hosted.

An SSL certificate, therefore, is a kind of digital passport that verifies your website’s identity and safeguards the confidentiality and integrity of data exchanged between your website and the visitor.

Why do you need an SSL certificate?

Trust and Credibility

The internet can be a dangerous place, filled with hackers and scammers. By having an SSL certificate, you show your visitors that their information is safe with you. This helps to build trust and credibility, which is particularly important if you run an online store or any website where visitors need to enter personal information.

Safety and Data Protection

An SSL certificate protects the data exchanged between your server and the visitor’s browser by encrypting it. This means that if a hacker tries to steal this data, they’ll only see an indecipherable jumble of characters. Thus, it’s a crucial part of website security.

SEO Benefits

Google loves secure websites and rewards them with higher places in search results. Therefore, if you install an SSL certificate on your website, it’s likely to rank higher in Google search results.

Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL at Snel.com

As you can see, an SSL certificate is truly a must-have when it comes to launching a website online. That’s why we offer a standard SSL certificate with every web hosting package. With Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL, you can secure your entire domain and all its associated subdomains with a single certificate. Whether you have an e-commerce website, a blog platform, or a complex web application, this SSL certificate provides a robust layer of security for all your online activities.

Easy Installation and Management

Let’s Encrypt is known for its simple installation and management process. By utilizing the ACME protocol standard, you can automatically generate, renew, and install SSL certificates through your control panel. Say goodbye to manual renewals and technical complications. This streamlined and hassle-free process saves you valuable time and effort.

Maximum Security for You and Your Customers

At Snel.com, we prioritize security, and Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL ensures maximum protection. This certificate employs the latest cryptographic algorithms, offering robust defense against data theft and eavesdropping. Your customers will feel reassured seeing the green padlock and the trusted “https” in the address bar, instilling the confidence to share sensitive information with you.

Trusted and Compatible with Modern Browsers and Devices

With Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL, you can trust in its high compatibility. The certificate is supported by all modern browsers and mobile devices, ensuring your website displays flawlessly, regardless of the platform your visitors use. This guarantees a seamless experience for all users, no matter where they are.


An SSL certificate is an essential tool for every website owner. Secure your entire domain and all your subdomains with Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL. Take advantage of the free and easy installation, robust security, and broad compatibility that this certificate provides. Protect yourself, your business, and your customers from cyber threats while boosting your SEO ranking. All our webhosting plans include a free SSL certificate as a standard feature.

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