How to set up (Let’s Encrypt) SSL/TLS for my website

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How can I set up (Let’s Encrypt) SSL/TLS for my website

In this article, we’re explaining how you can set up Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS for your website. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL ensures that the data that is sent between the user and the website or between systems is encrypted and thus made unreadable. For this, encryption algorithms are used to encode the data so that others cannot read it when it is sent.


Step 1: Log into Plesk

Go to your client area and log in with your credentials.


Navigate to My Dashboard. Click on Webhosting. Choose the right Webhosting plan.

If you click on server details, you will see your login credentials. Click on the URL above to log in.

Insert your login credentials and click on Log In.

Plesk login screen

Step 2: Set up Let’s Encrypt SSL

Go to Website and domains and Under the Security option in the dashboard click on Let's Encrypt

First, insert a valid email address to receive important notifications and warnings. Next, you can select what else you want for security. We choose to include the ‘www’ subdomain and the webmail. We are not going to issue a wildcard SSL/TLS certificate.

Click Get it for freeto continue.

If everything went well, you’ll see a green bar at the top.

Let's Encrypt SSL set up


In this article we have covered the procedure on how to issue an free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt for your website.

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