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Plesk Obsidian

Plesk Obsidian is an affordable, user-friendly solution for managing Linux and Windows Server servers, with seamless integrations with various apps and extensions. It combines a clear, stable interface with comprehensive web hosting management of websites, applications, email, and databases. Suitable for shared, virtual, and dedicated hosting, Plesk makes web hosting management accessible and efficient for both beginners and professionals in various hosting environments.


From € 11.49
per month

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cPanel is a popular web hosting management platform, especially among hosting resellers who offer web hosting services. It provides an extensive set of tools for Linux OS server management and has a super user-friendly, well-organized interface. Suitable for beginners and professionals, cPanel makes managing websites, apps, email, and databases simple and efficient for various hosting environments, while also supporting seamless integration with other hosting-related tools.


From € 27.99
per month

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The DirectAdmin control panel is an affordable and popular web hosting management solution, specifically designed for Linux servers, with a user-friendly graphical interface. It offers numerous convenient features for efficiently managing servers, websites, and email accounts. The fast, well-organized interface makes DirectAdmin accessible and suitable for both beginners and professionals, making it an excellent choice for various hosting environments and needs on Linux platforms.


From € 4.99
per month

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FAQ Regarding control panels

What is a control panel?

A server and hosting control panel is a software application used to manage and configure servers and hosting services. It allows users to perform various tasks such as installing software, managing databases and setting up security measures. A good control panel can simplify and automate the management of servers and hosting services, increasing user efficiency and productivity.

Do I need a control panel?

A control panel is necessary when you manage servers and hosting services. It enables users to perform and automate tasks more efficiently, saving time and effort.

The control panel also provides an overview of the server status and the performance of the hosting services, making it easy to identify and resolve any issues. It can also help manage multiple websites and domains, set up email accounts, and manage files and databases. Overall, a control panel can simplify and streamline management of servers and hosting services, making it a valuable resource for any user who works with these services.

If you are well acquainted with all server functions and would rather spend a little more time on server management than invest in a control panel, you can do without it.

Which Control Panel is Right for Me?

This is also a difficult question for us to answer, the choice of a control panel is actually a matter of taste, you could compare it to your preference for a certain car.

While one may experience DirectAdmin as a Fiat Panda, the other experiences it as a BMW. We also have a different user experience with each control panel. From our perspective and actually with a crazy comparison, we explain the differences between the three most popular control panels in this article.

How do I migrate from Directadmin or Plesk to cPanel

In this article we explain how to make the switch from DirectAdmin or Plesk to cPanel.

How do I migrate from cPanel to DirectAdmin?

This article provides information on the migration process from cPanel to the latest available DirectAdmin version. Follow all the steps in this article for a successful installation.

How do I migrate from directadmin or cPanel to Plesk?

This article contains information about migrating from (older) Plesk versions, DirectAdmin and cPanel to the latest available Plesk version. These methods can also be used to upgrade your hardware to one of our newer dedicated servers or to upgrade your operating system to a newer version.

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