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The DirectAdmin control panel is known for its simplicity, reliability and affordability. With this lightweight control panel you can quickly and easily set up and manage websites, databases, e-mail accounts and secure servers.

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The user-friendly web hosting control panel

DirectAdmin offers a user-friendly and efficient user interface, with a powerful 3-level design that allows you to easily switch between access levels (administrator, reseller and user). This control panel consumes few system resources, making it perfect for a variety of systems. Discover for yourself the power and efficiency of DirectAdmin for a seamless and reliable hosting experience!

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DirectAdmin Control Panel Features

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Lightweight and efficient

DirectAdmin is an effective option for small hosting situations due to its lightweight and fast design. It consumes few system resources, so it works without problems on less powerful servers.

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User friendly interface

DirectAdmin is easy to use and explore thanks to its intuitive design. The control panel's simple design allows users to quickly and easily find the functions they need.

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Through various skins, users can customize the look and feel of their control panel to incorporate the website's branding. This allows you to easily create a uniform appearance.

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Extensive plugin support

DirectAdmin is compatible with a wide variety of plugins. These offer new functionalities and can further expand existing functions. This allows you to customize control panels to the unique requirements of your customers.

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Thanks to DirectAdmin's API support, you can create original scripts and programs that can communicate with the control panel. Task automation, system integration and the creation of unique reports benefit from this.

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Security and SSL/TLS

DirectAdmin offers several security measures such as IP restriction, SSL/TLS support, Let's Encrypt SSL and brute force defense. These features help protect your data and websites from potential threats and attacks.

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