How to install DirectAdmin?

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This guide will describe how to install DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin is very affordable and it’s definitely one of the most popular control panels among users. It provides a graphical interface with practically every feature that you could want, to manage your server, website, and email accounts. The UI is fluent and it looks very neat which makes it easier to manage your server or website.

Once you have ordered DirectAdmin you will receive an email for the activation. You can find a quick installation guide below:


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Step 1: Log in to your server

Login as root into your server and run the following commands to install your license:
chmod 755
Your client ID is:{$} your license ID is: {$client.license}

Step 2: Log in to to DirectAdmin


Once completed, you can login at DirectAdmin at

For more information, here you can find DirectAdmin documentation and installation guide:

NOTE: We can install your DirectAdmin license for you as well, the investment towards this service is 69.00 euro’s.
If you would like us to do the installation for you, please send an email to [email protected].


In this article we have answered the question: How to install DirectAdmin on your server.

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