Single CPU Servers

With 100 Mbit Unmetered Bandwidth or 30TB Traffic and 1 Gbps Uplink
4 CORES: Intel Core i7-9504 x 3.0 GHz. +HT12GB (DDR3)
Up to 24GB
2 x 250GB SSD
Up to 4 drives
3-5 working days
€ 89,00 € 69,00
Total Saving 22%
4 CORES: Xeon E3-1230 v54 x 3.4 GHz. +HT³16GB (DDR4)
Up to 64GB
2 x 500GB SSD
Up to 4 drives
3-5 working days
€ 139,00 € 89,00
Total Saving 36%
4 CORES: Xeon E3-1230 v6
4 x 3.5 GHz. +HT³16GB (DDR4)
Up to 64GB
2 x 500GB SSD
Up to 4 drives
3-5 working days
€ 149,00 € 99,00
Total Saving 34%
4 CORES: Xeon E5-1410 v24 x 2.8 GHz. +HT³32GB (DDR3)
Up to 128GB
2 x 500GB SSD
Up to 4 drives
3-5 working days
€ 159,00 € 109,00
Total Saving 31%
6 CORES: Xeon E5-2620 v36 x 2.4 GHz. +HT³48GB (DDR4)
Up to 192GB
2 x 500GB SSD
Up to 8 drives
3-5 working days
€ 189,00 € 129,00
Total Saving 32%
8 CORES: Xeon E5-2620 v4
8 x 2.1 GHz. +HT³64GB (DDR4)
Up to 256GB
2 x 500GB SSD
Up to 8 drives
3-5 working days
€ 219,00 € 149,00
Total Saving 32%
10 CORES: Xeon Silver 4114
10 x 2.2 GHz. +HT³64GB (DDR4)
Up to 256GB
2 x 500GB SSD
Up to 8 drives
3-5 working days
€ 249,00 € 169,00
Total Saving 32%

Dual CPU Servers
Storage Servers

1This is a standard configuration. Additional RAM can be added on the configuration page.
2This is a standard configuration. Additional SATA or SSD Drives can be added on the configuration page.
3HT means Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology. Click here for more information.

All prices in EURO (€ ) and excl. VAT


Dedicated Servers with Maximum Power

Speed, power and control, it’s all yours with your very own dedicated server. Our dedicated servers are built around your needs. Fully customisable and ideal for your CPU intensive applications, high traffic websites or complex databases. Your dedicated server can only be accessed by you and you will be able to run it from everywhere on any device with our user-friendly Panel. You are given full root access for total control but even when your dedicated server is not accessible the usual way, you will still be in control with your Dedicated KVM that comes as a standard feature with our services. We offer instant setup so it takes as little as 5 minutes to activate your machine. Right after activation, you can fill all the space that you’ve got with your own cool stuff.

Dedicated Hosting Features


Instant Setup

Instant setup is an awesome feature when you’re in a hurry to have your Windows, Linux or VMware machine up and running right away.


Dedicated KVM over IP

Your Dedicated KVM gives you total control even when you can't access your machine the usual way, you are still able to access your server.


Customisable Server

Your server should reflect your unique needs, that’s why we offer customisable plans. You can fully configure your memory and disks to your needs.


IPV6-Future Proof

You are ready for the future with our IPv6 connectivity. Your dedicated server will be delivered with a free block of /64 IPv6 addresses and will be active from day one.



Payments with Snelwallet is fast and easy because you can instantly use the money on your account without needing any of your cards or payment details.


Upgrade Anytime

We know you love flexibility so do we. If you have increasing or changing plans you can upgrade or downgrade your plan via your account whenever you want.


Hardware RAID

All our dedicated machines include Hardware RAID. This will provide speed, reliability and increase your storage capacity using multiple disks rather than a single disk solution.


1 Gbps Uplink Connection

All our plans include 1 Gbps Uplink connection. This means that your data and content will be able to reach the internet much quicker. Upgrades to 10 Gbps are available as well.


Cancel anytime
We would be very sad to see you go, but if you’re not happy with our services you can let your server expire by not renewing it. You can also cancel your plan through your account at any time.

In order to protect your email traffic and to keep it clean, we have blocked outgoing email on port 25. You can send clean emails via our Free email service. You can easily install Smarthost with just a few steps.


Enterprise Servers
We’re not providing any desktop machines but only the best servers from Dell. Our supplier offers the best technologies to safeguard server performance and efficiency.

99.99% Uptime
Your server is fast, stable and reliable thanks to our network. Your availability is 99.99%. You can rest assured your dedicated server is running optimally at all times.


R1soft Backup
We provide the backup solutions of R1Soft. All our dedicated hosting plans come with 25 GB by default. Your backup settings will also be configured free of charge.

Private Network
With our private network, you can create an internal network between your dedicated servers and virtual servers. It allows you to transfer your data quickly within the same environment and you will have unlimited traffic between your servers.


Managed Dedicated Server

Do you want to avoid the hassles of server management? Then you should consider Managed hosting. We offer 3 Managed Server Plans that all offer great benefits for small to big online businesses. Our Managed Server Plans consist of three support levels and all of our team members are capable of managing your services. Our team members will be there to help you avoid the hassles of server management that require a lot of time and technical knowledge.