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Windows Server is a collection of operating systems made by Microsoft that help with data storage, applications, and communications at enterprise level. In earlier versions of Windows Server, the focus was on stability, security, networking, and making the file system better in different ways. There have later also been improvements to deployment technologies and more hardware support, among other things.

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What Windows Server can do for you

Windows Server is often used by hosting providers and developers because it can be well integrated with ASP.NET, a popular framework for creating dynamic web content and applications. Additionally, it is compatible with popular databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and MS Access, and the popular scripting language PHP that is used for dynamic websites.

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Windows Server Features

IPv6 future proof

WDS (Windows Deployement Services)

The upgraded version of Remote Installation Services is called Windows Deployment Services (WDS) (RIS). The distribution of Windows operating systems is made possible by WDS. Without requiring administrators to visit every computer or install directly from CD or DVD media, WDS can be used to set up new customers via a network-based installation.

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Windows Powershell

A task-based command-line shell and scripting language created specifically for system administration is called Windows PowerShell. Windows PowerShell v3 now supports Windows PowerShell Workflow, a new feature of Windows Server that takes advantage of Windows Workflow Foundation to enable the automation of lengthy operations.

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You may manage failover clusters as well as network load-balanced clusters with Windows Clustering. This includes a number of new features, such as enhanced Group administration capabilities, shared properties, and WMI integration.

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Certified Secured-core server hardware is a safer option for protecting important data from complex attacks. It's especially useful for businesses that deal with highly sensitive information. This type of server uses hardware, firmware, and driver capabilities to enable advanced Windows Server security features. These features are available in Secured-core server hardware and Windows Server 2022, and some are already included in Windows Secured-core PCs.


File and Storage Services

Windows Server includes a variety of built-in file and storage services that enable organizations to efficiently store, manage, and share files and folders across their network. With these services, administrators can manage disk storage, create and manage file shares, and configure storage spaces that provide redundancy and high availability.


secure boot

Your servers are safeguarded from malicious rootkits by the security standard known as UEFI secure boot. Only firmware and software approved by the hardware vendor are booted up on the server thanks to secure boot. The firmware validates each boot component's signature, including the drivers and OS, when the server is powered on. The server boots and the firmware hands control to the OS if the signatures are reliable.


WSUS (Windows Server Update Services)

WSUS is a feature of Windows Server that enables administrators to manage and distribute software updates to computers on their network. WSUS allows administrators to control the deployment of updates, ensuring that only approved updates are installed on networked computers.

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Remote Desktop Services

An instance of the operating system can be accessed remotely thanks to Windows Desktop Sharing. The Remote Desktop Broker client, Child sessions, RemoteFX Media redirection, and Windows Server all come with additional functionality.

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Dynamic Access Control

Dynamic Access Control is a feature that enables administrators to control access to resources based on user attributes, such as job title or department. This feature provides more granular access control and can help ensure that users only have access to the resources they need.

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