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What is GPU?

A Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) provides specialized processing power to execute the most demanding projects more quickly and efficiently. A server equipped with a GPU processor can be utilized for in-depth data analysis, machine learning, or creating impressive graphical content. GPU servers ensure that your projects are completed not only faster but also with higher quality.

What is GPU Server hosting?

Imagine GPU server hosting as an advanced digital laboratory, where you can tackle the most challenging projects with tools that previously seemed unreachable.

At, you can choose from powerful NVIDIA or AMD GPU servers that you can configure with various operating systems, machine learning models, and security solutions. Your GPU server is completely tailored to your unique project requirements.

CPU vs GPU server

What type of processor do you need? It's crucial to understand the difference between a CPU (Central Processing Unit) and a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

The CPU is the computer's brain, optimized for general calculations and executing a variety of tasks. It is a versatile processor that excels in sequential processing (tasks are executed one after the other), perfect for everyday computer tasks.

Unlike the CPU, a GPU specializes in parallel processing, enabling it to perform thousands or even tens of thousands of tasks simultaneously. This makes the GPU particularly effective for graphics-intensive applications and data-intensive calculations, such as 3D rendering, complex scientific simulations, and deep learning.

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Optimise your GPU server

Choose your required GPU card and learning model


With the B200 server GPU, you'll receive reliable AI performance and efficient model training, enabling you to execute AI inference and small model development quickly and cost-effectively on your hosted servers


Unlock powerful AI performance and advanced memory capacity with the H200 server GPU on your hosted servers, enabling you to develop and deploy complex AI models for various business applications


With the H100 server GPU, you'll experience unparalleled performance for conversational AI and advanced analytics on your hosted servers, allowing you to quickly respond to your business needs


The L40S server GPU provides unparalleled AI and graphics performance on your hosted servers, enabling you to develop powerful AI models, render 3D graphics, and execute advanced data visualizations


The A100 gives you the ability to run highly scalable and powerful AI and HPC workloads on your hosted servers, strengthening your competitive position and enabling you to generate insights from your data more quickly

Other GPU?

Are you looking for a different GPU card? We will offer it based on demand. Fill out the pre-registration form and specify the desired GPU card in the additional questions field.


TensorFlow is a powerful open-source machine learning framework used for developing and deploying various AI models on your hosted servers. With TensorFlow, you can conduct precise predictions and analyses for your business


Discover the flexibility of PyTorch, an open-source deep learning framework that enables you to quickly and easily build and train complex neural networks on your hosted servers, allowing you to develop innovative AI solutions for various business challenges


Llama offers advanced AI models for language understanding and generation, enabling you to automate and enhance natural language processing tasks such as chatbots, summaries, and translations to improve communication with your customers


With OpenNMT, you get a robust open-source neural machine translation system, allowing you to produce high-quality and accurate translations between different languages, which are essential for global communication and internationalization of your business


MarianNMT provides state-of-the-art neural machine translation technology on your hosted servers, enabling you to train and deploy translation models quickly and efficiently for a wide range of languages, thereby enhancing your global reach and communication


With StanfordNLP, you have a comprehensive toolkit for natural language processing, allowing you to perform a wide range of linguistic analyses and tasks such as tokenization, lemmatization, and named entity recognition to gain valuable insights from textual data is your reliable GPU hosting partner

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We are certified as a green host by the Green Web Foundation, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability

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With us, your GPU hosting is in safe hands. Safety at goes beyond mere promises; it's our standard practice. With an ISO 27001 certification, we provide a secure environment that adheres to internationally recognized standards for data security. You can count on a seamless and secure GPU hosting experience

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Looking for a worry-free hosting experience? With our Managed GPU servers, you automatically receive the Sailor Plan as standard. Does the Sailor Plan not quite meet your SLA needs? No worries! You can easily upgrade to one of our two more comprehensive service packages after purchase. Curious about the services included in our Managed Server packages? You can find all the details on the Managed Server page

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