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Create your own secure and efficient private network.

Are you searching for a secure and cost-effective solution for your network needs? Look no further than our Private VLAN service. It empowers you to establish a private network while enjoying maximum security and unlimited internal data traffic.

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What is a Private VLAN?

Private VLAN (P-VLAN) connects your virtual machines and dedicated servers to a private network. This creates a second network interface that is inaccessible from the internet, allowing communication with other servers within the same environment. The advantage is that your data is not transmitted through a public network, ensuring secure data transfer. Additionally, linking your servers affects your monthly data traffic, allowing you to reduce outgoing bandwidth usage.

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Connect your server or VPS to a Private Network.

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We can connect all your servers to a Private Network and provide you with unlimited traffic.

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Private Network Advantages

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By utilizing a Private VLAN, you significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your data. Your private network space is completely segregated from other users, ensuring the safety and protection of your valuable business information. Rest assured that your data remains secure, safeguarding your critical assets and maintaining the confidentiality of your sensitive data.

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Enhanced Data Protection

With a Private VLAN, you gain improved control and management over your data flows within the network. This minimizes the risk of data breaches and ensures the privacy of your customers' information and sensitive business data. By implementing a Private VLAN, you can confidently safeguard your valuable data, maintain regulatory compliance, and protect the privacy of your clients and business information.

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Efficient Resource Utilization

By leveraging infrastructure sharing within the P-VLAN, you can effectively utilize the available resources in a cost-efficient manner. This eliminates the need for investing in additional physical hardware since you can leverage the existing infrastructure with proper isolation. Maximize your resource utilization, optimize costs, and achieve operational efficiency by utilizing the shared infrastructure within the Private VLAN environment.

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Simple Network Segmentation

A Private VLAN allows you to easily segment and organize your network into logical units. This simplifies network management and control, making it more efficient to implement and enforce security policies. With network segmentation, you can isolate different groups or services, enhancing security and optimizing network performance. Simplify your network management, streamline security implementation, and achieve greater control over your network with the simplicity and effectiveness of Private VLAN segmentation.


Flexible Configuration

Our Private VLAN solution offers flexible configuration options, allowing you to customize your network to meet your specific needs. You can assign VLAN tags to specific users, servers, or services, giving you complete control over access to different parts of the network. This flexibility empowers you to tailor your network setup, ensuring that only authorized entities have access to the designated areas. Take charge of your network configuration with our Private VLAN solution and enjoy the freedom to customize access based on your unique requirements.

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Scalable and Flexible

Whether you are a small business or a growing enterprise, a Private VLAN is designed to scale and adapt to your needs. It allows you to effortlessly add new users, servers, or services to your private network without disrupting the existing infrastructure. This scalability and flexibility empower you to expand your network capabilities as your business grows, ensuring seamless integration and efficient management. With a Private VLAN, you have the freedom to scale your network without limitations, accommodating your evolving requirements with ease.

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