How can I install cPanel?

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cPanel is the most popular Linux based web hosting control panel. It provides a graphical user interface to easily manage and host multiple websites on our cloudVPS or dedicated server services. This tutorial will guide you on how to install cPanel.

First you need to purchase a cPanel license. After your purchase your will receive the information to activate your cPanel license per email.


Step 1: – Login as root into your server

In order to start the installation, login as root into your server and run the following commands:

cd /home
curl -o latest -L
sh latest

Once completed, you can login at cPanel at https://<>:2087


Congratulation, you have succesfully installed cPanel license. For more information, please visit the cPanel documentation: cPanel Installation Guide

We can install your cPanel license for you as well, we will charge 49.00 euro installation fee.
If you would like us to do the installation, please send an email to [email protected].

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