Is port 25 blocked for Outgoing emails?

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More and more often, mail providers and blacklists are blocking entire ranges due to unsolicited email. As a result, servers are getting blacklisted and emails cannot be delivered due to the IP blacklist of the server. In order to prevent this from happening to your server, we have taken some measures. We have blocked outgoing email on port 25, this is done to protect your email traffic and to prevent abuse on our network. As a better alternative, we offer Smarthost. This is a Free Outgoing Spam filter service that will allow you to send clean emails.

There are a few ways to send your emails:

  • You can send your emails via any transactional email services.
  • You can install Smarthost. This is a Free SMTP relay service and it enables you to send clean emails without harming your email reputation. Our Free SMTP service will prevent unsolicited email reaching your network which will help you avoid IP blacklisting.

Here are the details of our SMTP smarthost:

SMTP server / host:
SMTP port: 587 (STARTTLS) or 25
SMTP authentication: none

Our SMTP server accepts outgoing emails from any server within our IP space without authentication.



Example: IN TXT “v=spf1 a mx ?all”


Our SMTP server can’t sign your mail but will let your signed messages through. Just setup DKIM on your side and sign the messages and we will pass the DKIM headers through.

How many emails can I send?

  • 20.000 emails per month

Can I order extra outgoing emails?

It is possible to purchase extra outgoing email by sending an email to [email protected]. Below you can find an overview of our upgrade pricing.

Does this also protect me against incoming spam?

Heb je een filter voor inkomende mail of een gecombineerde oplossing voor inkomende en uitgaande spam nodig, dan is onze SpamExperts-oplossing wat je zoekt.

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