Setup Outlook 2021 for Windows with Plesk

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In this article we will setup Outlook 2021 for Windows with Plesk, for Outlook 2019 refer to this article and for Outlook 365 this article.


Step 1: add new account

First you are going to launch Outlook, to add a new account navigate to File > Info > Add Account.

You will get a pop up that asks you to login, instead click the checkbox that says Let me setup my account manually, then click Connect.

Step 2: Advanced setup

Now you will get a pop up to setup your account manually, you will be given a bunch of options to choose from, here you need to choose IMAP.

Next up you will need to fill in the server and the credentials, then click Ok.

After that you have to specify incoming and outgoing mail servers.

Email Address: <full email address>

IMAP Username: <full email address>

IMAP Password: <email password>

IMAP Incoming Server: Domainname <>

SMPT Username: <full email address>

SMPT Password: <email password>

SMPT Outgoing Server: Domainname <>
If you receive a warning about a ssl certificate, please change it to the hostname of the server.


Once you have filled in all fields you can proceed by clicking Next.

Now your account is ready for use.


In this article we have set up Outlook 2021 for Windows with Plesk.

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