How can I install Plesk?

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Plesk Panel is often considered as a simple, yet good control panel solution for Windows servers and Linux Servers. The user interface is very clear and stable which makes it a perfect choice to use this control panel for shared, virtual and dedicated hosting environments. Plesk Panel allows you to automate many server management functionalities which will help you to reduce your cost and resources.


Step 1: Start the installation

To install, log in as root into your server and run the following command:

sh <(curl || wget -O -
Enter your license key
Enter your activation code

Once completed, you can log in at Plesk at http://youripaddress:8443

Please note that you also have to set up a relay host for your SMTP server. Instructions to do so can be found in the following article.


You have successfully Installed Plesk. For more information, please visit the Plesk documentation:

We can install your Plesk Panel for you as well, we charge a 49.00 euro installation fee. If you would like us to do the installation, please send an email to [email protected].

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