Setup Samsung Mail with Plesk

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In this article we wil explain how to setup Samsung Mail for Android with Plesk.


  • Samsung mail
  • Plesk mail account

Step 1: Account setup

First when opening Samsung Mail you will be given setup options, choose Other.

samsung mail screen

Fill in the Plesk email address and the password to continue.

insert plesk mail account screen

Tap Manual Setup to configure your email account.

Step 2: Manual Setup

You will now have to specify the account type, select IMAP.

select mail account type screen

You will be asked to fill in the empty fields for incoming and outgoing server.

select servers

uitgaande server scherm

Once specified, at the bottom you can click Sign in.

You will be asked for the time period during which you want your emails to be synchronised; this is totally up to you, but bear in mind that the longer time you choose between sync periods, the more space will be consumed by email. Following that, you may proceed by clicking Done.

Samsung Email will now verify your settings, if correct you will be taken to your inbox.


In this article we have covered how to setup Samsung Mail with Plesk.

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