Linux Server

Use Linux Server if you are looking for stability and flexibility. All distributions are perfect for demanding applications such as web servers, mail servers or DNS servers.

Get started with Linux. We offer Linux distributions you already know and love.

Most Popular Linux Distributions



Feel at home with Linux Server


Linux Server is designed to handle more demanding needs such as application servers, mail servers, web servers or DNS servers. Usually, Linux Servers are often selected over other operating systems for their stability, security or flexibility advantages. We provide several Linux Server editions such as Ubuntu Linux, CentOS Linux, Cloud Linux and Debian Linux.

All versions are available with instant setup. Your own Linux dedicated server or Linux CloudVPS will be ready for use in just as little as 5 minutes.

You are given full root access for total control. In order to prevent data loss we provide hardware RAID on all our machines. You can also fully configure your machine to your needs by adding SSD or SATA storage or choosing any memory size you’d like. It will take us only 1 to 2 workings day to deliver your self-configured machine.