How does the VPS moving service work?

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Requesting the VPS moving service

If you’re migrating to our VPS hosting and would like to take advantage of our moving service, the first step is to submit a transfer request. In this article we will

Step 1: Submit a Transfer Request

Please note! Free migration is included only for Managed VPS plans. Additionally, we currently support the migration of Linux OS with Plesk, cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Windows Server with Plesk. If you want us to migrate your VPS but you don’t meet de requirements to be eligible for free VPS moving service, we welcome you to request a quote.

Upon receiving your request through your order or our contact form, our team will reach out to you within one business day. We’ll work with you to schedule a suitable date for the migration process. To initiate the migration, we will require your login details.

Step 2: Preparation and Configuration

Once the migration date is set, we begin preparing your VPS environment. You will receive essential settings and guides for any necessary adjustments. Additionally, we will adjust the DNS settings to reroute traffic to and facilitate the smooth transfer.

Step 3: Setting up Your New VPS

Our dedicated support department will create your order based on the chosen VPS plan and selected services. We will make any required adjustments to settings, and ensure uninterrupted access to your VPS based on the provided information.

Step 4: Final Check and Confirmation

Before completing the migration, we conduct a comprehensive final check to ensure a seamless, secure, and swift transition. Our team also verifies that no data is left behind with your previous hosting provider. Once everything is successfully transferred, you will receive a confirmation from us.

Completing your move

At this point, we encourage you to thoroughly review your newly migrated services to ensure they meet your satisfaction. If you’re satisfied with the migration, you can proceed to cancel the services with your old hosting provider. We aim to make your transition to our Managed VPS hosting as effortless as possible.

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