Add-on Solutions for your Cloud VPS, Pure Performance VPS or Dedicated Server

Whether you need a control panel or private network for your Cloud VPS, Pure Performance VPS or Dedicated Server we have countless possibilities here at We offer various Add-on solutions to our servers. Our Add-on solutions will allow you to choose only what is best for your Cloud VPS, Pure Performance VPS or Dedicated Server. You can downgrade or upgrade our add-on solutions whenever you want via your panel.

managed dns branded

Secondary DNS

Our Secondary DNS allows both you and your customers to manage your own records branded with your own DNS names via your control panel.

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€ 6.00 a month


Snel Cloud Backup

Get your business data completely protected with our powerful and safe backup solution
Snel Cloud Backup

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€ 10.00 a month

Smarthost Outgoing SMTP filter

SMTP Relay

Use our free email service Smarthost to send clean emails, protect your email infrastructure from malicious email traffic for free.

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Proactive monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

Our monitoring tools monitor your network system status and make sure your service runs smoothly. All Managed plans include monitoring. If you have a self-managed server you can order monitoring separately.

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€ 9.90 a month


Private Network

Connect your servers with a private network. Transfer the data of your data safely within the same environment. We only require a one-time setup fee for the installation of your Private Network

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€ 2.00 a month

Managed VPS - Control Panel Management

Control Panels

Our feature-rich and powerful control panels, allow you to have complete control over your hosting environment. You can choose from powerful control panels such as Plesk, cPanel and Directadmin.

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€ 7.00 a month

Managed VPS - Web server management

Managed Server Plans

You can choose between 3 Managed Server Plans that all offer great benefits for small to big online businesses. Our plans include guaranteed response times.

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€ 39.00 a month


Windows Server

We provide the most recent Windows editions including Windows Server 2019. You can run applications such as RDS, and MS-SQL on your Windows Server.

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€ 8.00 a month


Sophos Intercept X for Server

Sophos Intercept X for Server protects your data and applications against vulnerabilities and irregularities on your server.

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€ 19.90 a month