Send your emails easily from your server

In order to keep your email traffic clean, we have blocked outgoing email on port 25. You can use our Free email service, Smarthost to send clean emails. Our Outgoing Spam filter service will protect your email infrastructure from sending spam, phishing or other malicious email traffic that can harm your email reputation. Our Outgoing Spam filter blocks malicious email content and cleans your outgoing email traffic. This will prevent unsolicited email reaching your network and it will help you avoid IP blacklisting. Our email service is free of charge and can be easily configured on all our dedicated servers and virtual servers. Start configuring our email service on your server and send your emails easily.

Why use our mail service?


Avoid IP Blacklisting

Use our Outgoing Spam filter to protect your email infrastructure against threats and vulnerability, this will help you avoid IP blacklisting.


More control over abuse

Our Outgoing Spam filter will ensure that clean mail is automatically forwarded to your server for delivery. This will help you to prevent suspicious or fraudulent behavior from your IP address.


Protect your email reputation

Our email service will make sure that you will only receive legitimate mail traffic which will help you protect your email reputation.


Easy installation guide

You can easily send clean emails from your dedicated server or virtual server by configuring our mail service with a few steps.

How many emails can I send?

 Included outgoing emails Pricing Extra outgoing emails
  • 20.000 emails per month
  • First 20.000 outgoing emails per month – € 0.00
  • For each additional 20.000 outgoing emails – € 6.00

Order Outgoing emails

First 20.000 outgoing emails per month is FREE
Each additional 20.000 is + € 6.00 a month.