Proactive monitoring to keep your server healthy

Uninterrupted service delivery can be assured through constant monitoring. In order to reduce the vulnerability risk of your server and to make sure that your server is always available we are actively monitoring your server. Our server monitoring will detect irregularities on your servers and our team will be there to take action when inconsistencies or unusual activities occur. Whether it concerns monitoring network connectivity, system status or one of the countless other indicators, we ensure that your service runs smoothly. Proactive monitoring of your servers is included in all our managed server plans except sailor plan which a self-managed server plan. If you have a self-managed server you will be able to get access to our monitoring tools for only 9.90 euro a month.

What are the Benefits of Monitoring?


Increasing Security

Continuous monitoring of your server reduces the chances of your server going down. Our monitoring tools will correct small problems in order to prevent larger problems.


Saving Money

Identifying critical issues at an early stage can save hours of work and it will prevent you from spending lots of money to find and solve the problem on the server.


Increasing Reliability

Our server monitoring tools make it easier and faster to solve issues because the origin of the problem can be easier identified via our network monitoring tools and this increases the reliability of your server.

What is Monitored?

  • Graphed measures and metrics:

Our monitoring tools are monitoring your CPU usage, memory usage, disk read/write, disk usage. It also regularly checks your website, SSL and recommended updates.

  • Alerting Notifications

When there are inconsistenties on your CPU usage, memory usage, disk read/write or disk usage. Our monitoring tools will send alerting notifications to both our team members and customers.

  • Notification methods

We have 2 different notification methods. We can send emails to notify you when something unusual is happening to your server or we can send a text sms. You can choose the notification method you like.


Looking for a server with monitoring?

Are you tired of constantly looking out for your server, worried if your website is up? Our team members continuously monitor your server's health and reacts to alerts. Take a look at our Managed Server Plans that all include monitoring.

Order Monitoring for your server

All managed plans include Monitoring.
Monitoring for Self-managed plans is +  € 9.90 a month.