How to train SpamExperts to block or accept certain messages

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SpamExperts Incoming Filter is a powerful email filtering solution that protects your inbox from unwanted messages. With advanced algorithms, it accurately detects and blocks spam, viruses, and phishing attempts. In this article we will explain how you can train SpamExperts to better it’s filter. By feeding it messages you want filtered of accepted it will recognize messages of the same nature.


  • SpamExperts as an incoming spam filter

Step 1: Log in to SpamExperts

In order to log in to SpamExperts log in to your client area and head to “SpamExperts Mail filter” or “SpamExperts Mail filter (Reseller bundles)”.

Navigate to Access Control Panel and click Click here to access Control Panel.

Step 2: Train messages

If you have a reseller account click Domains overview under the dashboard and select the domain where you want to train messages.

When you are logged in to SpamExperts control panel navigate to Train messages On the left side menu under Incoming. In this section, you can upload and train messages as:

  • Legitimate message(s)
  • Spam message(s)

When it comes to training messages in SpamExperts, the system offers the capability to train messages as either spam or not spam. This training process helps improve the accuracy of the filtering system and fine-tunes its ability to identify and handle incoming emails.

By designating certain messages as spam or not spam during the training process, you are providing feedback to the system, allowing it to learn and adjust its filtering criteria accordingly. This feedback mechanism helps protect against similar spam messages in the future by pushing their combined score above the system’s threshold, or it helps ensure that legitimate messages are not mistakenly marked as spam by pushing their score below the threshold.

For example, if you train a message that was initially scored as 0.88, any future similar messages should be pushed above the system’s threshold of 0.9 (which is the default threshold for SpamExperts). This threshold determines the point at which messages are considered spam or not spam based on their combined score.

Training messages effectively helps the system adapt to your specific needs and preferences, improving its ability to accurately classify and handle incoming emails. It is an important aspect of optimizing the performance of SpamExperts’ email filtering system.

Once the messages are uploaded you will be notified that the upload was successful.


In this article, you have learned how you can train messages in the SpamExperts control panel.

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