Plesk Control Panel

Plesk Onyx is designed to simplify your server management. This version of Plesk comes with enhanced functionalities and provides automated tools. This will ensure that your Plesk environment is always up to date. The new tools allows you to update your dedicated server or VPS automatically or manually. Plesk Onyx can be easily installed on your server and it provides total control over the management of your web server, websites, email addresses, domain or subscriptions.

New Features in Plesk Onyx


Docker Support

This edition of Plesk supports docker. Your are now able to deploy and manage containers quickly and reliably from your Plesk interface.

git support

Git Support

The Integration with GitHub allows you to deploy apps and websites, from both local and remote Git repositories.

WordPress toolkit

WordPress Toolkit

WordPress toolkit is a powerful tool to automatically secure and manage all WordPress instances, plugins and themes.

ruby support

Ruby Support

Plesk Onyx supports Ruby, a programming language. This extension allows you to quickly and easily deploy Ruby applications.

system update

System Update Tools

With the system update tools of Plesk Onyx your server will be automatically updated. It is also possible to update your system manually.


Plesk Security Advisor

The Plesk Security Advisor extenties Intelligent provides improving security of your Plesk server on all levels. You can increase the security of your server with a single click.


Plesk Multi Server

Plesk Multi Server brings the Plesk user experience of managing shared hostings into your multi-server management environment.


Self-repair tools

The Self-repair tools of Plesk Onyx enables you to recover your server issues automatically which means that your server issues will be solved right away.