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In this article we are going to explain how to configure auto-reply e-mail in Plesk for out of office hours, vacation messages or holidays. This rule can be used per e-mail address and it is pretty easy to set up in Plesk control panel.


Step 1: Login to Plesk control panel

Visit the url or IP address on port 8443 in your web-browser on which Plesk instance is running. Once presented with login screen enter your Plesk user credentials

Step 2: Auto-reply configuration

After we have logged into out Plesk installation we have to configure our message and rules for e-mail address. To do this correctly you should go through the following tabs:

  • Click on the Domains>your-domain>Mail>E-mail Addresses
  • Select the e-mail address to and than click on Auto-reply tab

Step 3: Select the Switch on auto-reply checkbox

switch on auto-reply e-mail screenshot

In Auto-reply tab you should make sure that you select the checkbox on top and than fill in all the necessary configurations:

  • Auto-reply message subject.
  • Message format. We recommend that you leave the option Plain text selected because some of your recipients might be unable to see the text formatted with HTML.
  • Message text.
  • Forward to. If you want to forward incoming messages to another email address, type an email address in this box.
  • Send an automatic response to a unique email address no more than the specified number of times per day. The default value is “1 time a day”, meaning that if your mailbox receives several messages from the same email address in one day, Plesk will send automatic response only to the first message. If the value is “2”, than Plesk will send automatic response for the first and the second message, and so on.
  • Attached files. If you want to attach a file to your message, click Browse and select a file.
  • Switch off auto-reply on (the specified date). Select this checkbox if you want the automatic replying to stop on a specific date, for example, the date when you return from holidays.

Step 4: Apply the settings

Apply the settings and we are done! NOTE: To switch off automatic replying clear the Switch on auto-reply option and click OK. If you have more than one e-mail address you should set-up the same rules per each e-mail address.


In this article we’ve explained how to configure the Auto-reply e-mail for desired e-mail address in Plesk control panel.


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