How to set up DNS in Plesk

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Learn how to set up your DNS in Plesk

In this article, you will learn how to set up DNS in Plesk. DNS (Domain Name System) is a network protocol that is used to translate domain names to numerical  IP addresses or the other way around.


Step 1: Log in to Plesk

Go to and log in with your credentials.

 client area login

Go to Services  in the left side panel.

services1 select

Select Webhosting via the services tab.

product 1 select

Select the right Web hosting plan.

product click

Select Login Details in the left side panel.

Login details click

Click on the URL to go to Plesk.

URL click

Use the given username and password to log in to Plesk.

Plesk login

Step 2: DNS Settings

In Websites & Domains select Hosting & DNS next to the red arrow.

DNS & Hosting

Once you selected Hosting & DNS ,  you should be able to see a few new options including DNS Settings.

DNS Settings

Navigate to Add Record and select it.

add dns record

Step 3: Adding a DNS Record

There are quite a few DNS records available in Plesk. Here is a short explanation of what they do:

  • A Record: It is a record that connects a domain/subdomain to an IPv4.
  • AAAA Record: It is a record that connects a domain/subdomain to an IPv6.
  • NS Record: (Name Server) Is a record that allows a subdomain to use a different name server.
  • CNAME Record: Lets you connect a domain/subdomain to another domain/subdomain.
  • MX Record: It is a record that allows you to send emails by adding a mail server.
  • PTR Record: It is a record that connects an IP address with domain/subdomain (Just like the A record but reversed).
  • TXT Record: It is a record that lets you add readable text to the DNS records.
  • SVR Record: It is a record that lets you add the location of a service within the domain/subdomain.

Now you can choose the record that you would like to add. Enter this in the required fields. In this example, we will add a CNAME record to our DNS records. Once you have entered your records click OK to proceed.

add record ok

A warning should pop up on the top of the page stating that you need to select Update . Through this selection the changes will be applied. Select Update to continue.

DNS update


Congratulations, you have successfully added a DNS record in Plesk.





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