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Upgrade Your Dedicated Server Anytime

Looking for a change? If your current dedicated hosting plan doesn’t fit your needs anymore, you may consider changing to a plan that suits your needs or you can upgrade the hardware of your server in order to increase its performance. You simply need to contact us, to request a plan change or to upgrade your hard disks, private switches or bandwidth. Once we have received your request it will only take us 1 – 3 working days to upgrade your dedicated server. Find out more about our upgrade pricing below.

Upgrade Pricing



MemoryMonthly PriceSetup Fee
8GB ECC-Reg€ 9.00€ 69.00
16GB ECC-Reg€ 16.00€ 69.00
32GB ECC-Reg€ 32.00€ 69.00
64GB ECC-Reg€ 64.00€ 69.00
96GB ECC-Reg€ 96.00€ 69.00
128GB ECC-Reg€ 128.00€ 69.00


Enterprise SSDMonthly PriceSetup Fee
500GB SSD€ 12.00€ 69.00
1TB SSD€ 19.00€ 69.00
2TB SSD€ 38.00€ 89.00
4TB SSD€ 73.00€ 89.00
8TB SSD€ 169.00€ 89.00


SATAMonthly PriceSetup Fee
1TB SATA€ 9.00€ 69.00
2TB SATA€ 14.00€ 69.00
4TB SATA€ 19.00€ 69.00
6TB SATA€ 27.00€ 89.00
10TB SATA€ 33.00€ 89.00