How to use KVM (iDRAC) on Dell servers

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If you can’t log in on your server regularly you can use KVM (iDRAC) to remotely access a console on your server, even to set up your BIOS or RAID controller. KVM may also be used if you want to manually install an OS from an ISO.

This article will describe how you can open the KVM console of your Dell server through our client area.


Step 1: Log in to your client area

Log in to your client area via


Step 2: Select the server

Click on the server where you want to open the KVM console.

select dedicated server

Step 3: Open KVM Page

Navigate to the KVM tab and click on Visit the KVM page.

client area kvm

Step 4: Log in to your KVM page

Use the login credentials which you can find on the KVM tab of your dedicated server in step 3.

kvm login credentials

kvm login screen

Step 5: Launch the virtual console

Launch the virtual console by clicking on Launch Virtual Console in the iDrac dashboard.

launch virtual console

Step 6: Use the KVM console

You should now be able to login into your server via the KVM console

Use kvm console


Congratulations, you should now be able to open the KVM console of your server. If you need to use right-click in the KVM console use this article on how you can emulate a right-click.

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