Payments with Cryptocurrencies

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Cryptocurrencies Payments

At, we accept various payment methods, including cryptocurrencies. However, the payment processing of this payment option differs slightly from other payment options. Below we have explained in what ways it differs and what you should do when the payment processing takes longer than expected.

Payments processing with Crypto takes time

There are chances that Crypro transactions are confirmed and processed quickly and in real-time. However, some cryptocurrency transactions can take more time to process. It may take over two hours or even longer to confirm the payment. So if your payment takes longer than expected, it is important to wait a few hours before you get in touch with us.

Preferring another payment method

If you want your payments to be processed quickly or in real-time, it is better to choose another payment method. This will prevent you from stressing over the payment when you are in a hurry or when your server is about the expire. You can view all of our payment options via this link.

What to do when:

I received a transaction confirmation by Coinpayments, but my invoice status is still unpaid

If you have received a transaction confirmation from our payment processor Coinpayments, but your invoice still has status unpaid, then please create a support ticket including a screenshot of the payment receipt with the transaction ID details. We will have a look and change the status of your invoice.

I didn’t receive a transaction confirmation by Coinpayments, but my payment has been confirmed in the blockchain

In this case, wait a few hours, because it can take time to process the payment.  If it still isn’t processed after 4 hours, send a link and screenshot of the transaction confirmation in the blockchain. The screenshot and link should contain a complete overview of the transaction details.


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