How do I change my bank details for Auto-renewal with SEPA?

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In this tutorial, we will explain how you can change your bank account details (IBAN) for SEPA Direct Debit Auto-renewal. Changing your bank account that is linked to your auto-renewal is very easy. Please follow the steps below in order to change your details.

Step 1: Send us an email with your removal request

If your bank account details have changed or if you simply want to use another bank account, send a request to [email protected]. We will remove your current bank details and send an email once this has been done.

Step 2: Pay one outstanding invoice manually with your new details

After you have received a confirmation from our team that your bank details have been removed, you need to make one payment with your new bank details. Please click to one of your outstanding invoices.

Pro-forma invoice
Now choose a SEPA Direct Debit payment method (iDeal, Sofort, ING Homepay, Belfius, KBC/CBC) to pay your invoice:

payments en

Step 3: Enable your Auto-renewal for your servers

Once you have paid your invoice manually, make sure that you enable auto-renewal again via your client area.

If you have a cloud vps, navigate to:

Services > cloud vps > more > auto-renewal.

Select cloud vps

autorenew cloud vps

Should you have a dedicated server then you can navigate to:

Services > dedicated servers > auto-renewal.

Select cloud vps

autorenew cloud vps

Please bear in mind that you need to enable auto-renewal for all active services or else the auto-renewal will not work for the server that you have forgotten.



Now that you have performed these steps, auto-renewal should be working with your new bank details. Your invoice will be paid automatically if you have performed all above-mentioned steps correctly.

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