Do you have a refund policy?

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Refund Policy at

We often receive the question of what our refund policy is for the purchased services. In this article, we will give a short explanation regarding refund requests. At we do not have a refund policy for any of our services. All our services are offered on a prepaid basis, you are not bound by any contracts. This offers a lot of flexibility. If you are not satisfied with our servers or services, you can let the server or service expire whenever you want, our services are monthly cancellable. However, we do not refund the money you have paid due to the flexibility of our contracts.

What are other possibilities?

Of course, we are always ready to look for solutions together with our customers. Even though a refund is not possible, we can look for other solutions such as a new service or an upgrade. You can get in touch with us via  [email protected] to discuss the possibilities.

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