What’s new in Windows Server 2019?

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Windows Server 2019 is now available at Snel.com. As usual Windows Server has made major updates in this version. It includes new exciting features and improvements. Let’s have a look at what this version has in store for its users.

Microsoft is drawing attention to four key areas in Windows Server 2019. Here they are:

1. Hybrid Cloud & Azure

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine an IT landscape without virtualization and hybrid clouds. Hence in this version of Windows, Microsoft improves the connections between its Azure cloud platform and Windows Server operating system. The connection is not limited to the Admin Center, the Azure Network Adapter also connects to the cloud computing platform of the local server. Furthermore, this version also includes better support for Azure Backup, File Sync, disaster recovery, and all other Azure services.

2. Linux Support

What sets this new version apart is that you can run mixed OS-environments. Windows Server 2019 has made it easier to integrate Linux. It supports running Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server inside shielded virtual machines. Moreover, Linux distributions can be easily downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

3. Security

Windows Server 2019 has also new security measures. A new set of host intrusion prevention capabilities known as, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) has been implemented in this version. This precautionary protection measurement monitors the server from malware and stops processes that are possibly dangerous. Furthermore, it also includes attack detection and zero-day exploits. Another security feature that we would like to highlight is HGS offline mode for shielded VMs. This feature allows you to turn on your virtual machines even when HGS can’t be reached.

4. Storage

The new version also includes changes in the storage area. It includes a completely new feature called Storage Migration Service. This new feature helps you to migrate your servers to a newer version of Windows Server. It also ensures an easier migration to the cloud. In addition to this, Storage Space direct has also been improved. In this feature, you can expect more stability and higher speed from the server.

5. Windows Server Version Features Comparison table

6. Feature Hybrid capabilities with Azure

Feature Hybrid capabilities with AzureWindows Server 2012 R2Windows Server 2016Windows Server 2019
Storage Migration Service
Synchronizing file servers to Azure
System Insights
Azure network adaptor
VM protection

7. Feature Hybrid-converged Infrastructure

Feature Hybrid-converged InfrastructureWindows Server 2012 R2Windows Server 2016Windows Server 2019
Unified management Partially Supported
Storage Spaces
Enhanced Storage Spaces Direct (S2DPartially Supported
Mirror-accelerated parityPartially Supported
Nested Mirror Accelerated parity
Storage class memoryPartially Supported
USB thumb drive
Storage ReplicaPartially Supported
Storage Quality of Service (QoS)
Data deduplicationPartially Supported
Deduplication for ReFS
Virtual machine storage resiliency
Cloud WitnessPartially Supported
Storage health monitoring
Cluster-wide monitoring
Cluster sets
Cluster OS rolling upgrade
Mixed OS mode cluster
Site-aware failover clusters
Persistent memory
Linux and FreeBSD workloads
Hot add and remove for disk, memory, and networkPartially Supported
Network controller 
Virtual networking
Software load balancer (SLB)
Virtual network peering
Distributed firewall and micro-segmentation
Hybrid SDN gateways
Improved SDN gateway
Converged RDM Partially Supported
Leap Second 
Latency Optimized Background Transport 
IP address management (IPAM) and DNSPartially Supported
High-availability RDS connection broker Partially Supported
Software-defined networking with IPv4/IPv6Partially SupportedPartially Supported

8. Security capabilities

Security capabilitiesWindows Server 2012 R2Windows Server 2016Windows Server 2019
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection 
Shielded VMs for Windows 
Shielded VMs for Linux
HGS offline mode for shielded VMs Partially Supported
Nested Mirror Accelerated parity
VM Connect for shielded VMs
Cluster hardening
SDN encrypted subnet 
Just-enough administration Partially Supported
Just-in-time administration
Credential guard
Control flow guard 
Device guard (code integrity)
Dynamic access control
BitLockerPartially Supported

9. Innovation for application

Innovation for applicationWindows Server 2012 R2Windows Server 2016Windows Server 2019
Linux containers
Windows Server containers
Server Core base container image
Nano Server base container image 
Server Core Features on Demand (FoD)
Kubernetes platform support
Group Managed Service AccountsPartially SupportedPartially Supported
Windows Subsystem for Linux
Hyper-V isolation
Azure Service Fabric for Windows Server 
PowerShell 5.1Partially SupportedPartially Supported
PowerShell Desired State ConfigurationPartially SupportedPartially Supported
Visual Studio Code
.NET Core

10. Conclusion

Of course there a many other features in Windows Server 2019. This article only covered a few features that are completely new and a comparison table to provide you more insight on what’s covered. If you are curious to learn more about Windows Server 2019 you can read the entire document here. If you wish to use Windows Server 2019 for your Dedicated server you can order this at Snel.com for only + € 22.00 a month. It is also possible to order Windows Server 2019 for your VPS, this will cost you only + € 7.00 a month.

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