How to connect to your server via RDP on Windows 10

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This article will describe how you can connect to your server via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).


Step 1 – Open Remote Desktop Connection

Click on the search bar in the left bottom and type Remote Desktop Connection in the search bar.

windows 10 rdp

Step 2 – Configure Remote Desktop Connection

Enter the hostname or the IP address and click on Connect

windows 10 configure rdp

Enter the login credentials of your Windows Server

windows 10 login

If the Windows Server you want to connect has a self signed certificate it will show a warning that the certificate is not verified.

Click on Yes to start the RDP session with the Windows Server.

windows 10 selfsigned

Step 3 – Remote Desktop Connection established

Connection to your Windows Server is established via RDP.

windows 10 whatsmyip


Congratulations, you should now have a connection to your Windows Server via RDP.

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