How to cancel a service at

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How to cancel a service at

All of our services are provided on a prepayment basis; there are no contracts that bind you. This gives a lot of versatility. You can let the server expire whenever you wish if you are unhappy with our servers or services. However, we do not refund the money you have paid due to the flexibility of our contracts.

Although we are sad to see you go, we are happy to be of service once more before you cancel. If you have done this action by accident, please contact the support so we could remove the cancel request on time before your server gets terminated. Notice also that your server or other services if not renewed on time will be canceled and in that case you should check for any unpaid due invoices in the client area under the tab “Billing“. In the following we will show you how to manually cancel a service at


  • An account with
  • Active server or some other service

Step 1 : Log into your account

Log into your client area using the e-mail and password. Once logged in click than on the button “Services

Select your service

Select your service

Step 2: Select the service

Select the service you would like to cancel by clicking on to the service name.


Step 2: Request Cancelation

After you have selected the service you wish to cancel, proceed by clicking the “Request Cancelation” button on the left side.

this is where you click cancel

Step 3: Review and submit the request

Choose the reason why are you canceling the service, add message or note (optional). You can then select to end the service immediately, or at the end of the billing period. To submit your request simply just click on the red button “Request Cancellation

here you can state why you want to cancel the service


With this 3 step article we have covered the topic of “How to cancel a service at”. Important to remember is before you cancel your service make sure that you have your data saved locally.

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