How to enable SSH through Plesk

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Learn how to enable SSH to safely connect to your Linux-server

In this article, you will learn how to enable SSH in Plesk. SSH (Secure Shell) is a secure network protocol that is used to connect to a Linux server remotely. After connecting, Every command you type within your terminal is sent to the remote server and executed there.


Step 1: Log in to your client area.

Go to and log in.

Clientarea Login

On the left side panel, click on Services.

services1 select

Select Webhosting under the servicestab.

product 1 select

Select the right Web hosting plan.

product click

At the left side panel, select Login Details.

Login details click

Click on the URL to go to Plesk. Use the given Username and Password to log in to Plesk.

URL click

Step 2: Log in to Plesk

Plesk Login

Step 3: FTP Access

After logging in, select Websites & Domains on the top left corner, then navigate to FTP Access next to the red arrow and select it.

FTP access1

Step 4: Select the WebHost

In order to enable SSH, you have to select the system user (The WebHost). Once you have selected it, you can change the username of the system user.

System user

Step 5: System user

The system user is the one who will be able to connect to the server via SSH. You can change the username or leave it as it is but, you have to add a password. You have to change (Access to the server over SSH) to /bin/bash (chrooted)to give the system user access to the server via SSH. The IP address on the top is used to connect to the server via SSH. Once you are done filling in the empty fields click on OKto proceed.

system user ok


Congratulations, You have successfully enabled SSH in Plesk. If you don’t know how to connect to your server via SSH, read this article to know how: Learn how to connect to your server via SSH.

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