Do you offer any discounts?

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We offer three types of discounts at

  • Sale discount
  • Billing cycle discount
  • Reseller discount 

Sale discount

The sale discount is a product discount that is calculated from the total amount of your Dedicated server or Cloud VPS. We have sale seasons from time to time and the amount of the discounts vary on each sale season.

Billing cycle discount

The billing cycle discount is a percentage discount that is applied to Dedicated servers or Cloud servers when you decide to choose a longer billing cycle. Discounts that are applied to both server types with different billing cycle are shown in the tables below.

Dedicated Server Billing cycle discount

Cloud VPS Billing cycle discount

vps billing discount

Reseller discount

When you grow in the number of servers we will apply reseller discounts to your server account. Our reseller discounts are calculated off the total amount of your Dedicated server or Cloud VPS. The percentage will be determined by the number of servers you have and the monthly revenue. This can differ from 5 - 20% discount per month. The more servers you have the more you can save. You can contact us to learn more about how much discount you can receive.

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