What is SnelWallet and are there bonusses?

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SnelWallet can be seen as digital money in your wallet. You can instantly use the money on your account without needing any of your cards or payment details. Your wallet can only be accessed via your My.snel.com panel so you can rest assured that your money is safe. After topping up your wallet, your new balance will be visible right away.

SnelWallet offer lots of benefits:

  • Ease of use and flexibility
  • The more money you add the higher bonuses you will receive
  • You can pay your invoices directly via your SnelWallet
  • Lifetime validity: your balance will never expire
  • Your balance can be refunded.

Below you can find your SnelWallet bonuses.

€ 100 – € 999+ 0%
€ 1,000 – € 4,999+ 2%
€ 5,000 –  € 9,999+ 3%
€ 10,000 – € 25,000+ 4%

Set Auto-renewal for SnelWallet

Would you like to pay your invoices automatically with SnelWallet? You can set auto-renewal for your SnelWallet via your client area. It is important to have enough balance or else the functionality will not work. Make sure that you Top up your SnelWallet first. Do you already have enough balance? Navigate to > account > balance. You will see the screen below, make sure that you change the auto-apply SnelWallet balance setting to ‘ON’ and click to ‘Save changes’.

Snel.com Billing

Now that you have set auto-renewal, your invoices will be automatically paid. Your SnelWallet account will be charged 14 days before the due date of your invoice. For more information, you can read our SnelWallet page on our website.

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