Create user and allow RDP permission on Windows Server 2016

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When we set up a new Windows Server, a default Administrator account is created for us. While this is fine initially, you should always create a separate user for day to day purposes. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a new user in Windows Server 2016 and allow it to use RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).


  • A VPS or  Dedicated Server with Windows Server 2016 installed.
  • You must be logged in via RDP as an administrative user. If you are on Windows 10, you can follow our guide on how to connect to your server using RDP.

Step 1: Create a User

Right-click on the Start menu and click on Computer Management.

Expand the Local Users and Groups option and click on Users.

Right-click and select New User.

Now fill in the details of the new user account you want to create. Disable the User must change password at next logon option and enable the Password never expires option so you can use your password without being reminded constantly by Windows to change it.

Click Create to finish adding the new user. Remember the username you chose here because you will need it later!

Step 2: Add the User to Remote Desktop Users

Click on the Groups option and Select Remote Desktop Users.  Adding our newly created user to this Group will allow it to access the server via RDP.

Double click on the Remote Desktop Users option and click Add.

Type in the username you created earlier in the Enter the object names to select box and click Check Names.

You will see your fully qualified username. Click OK twice to finish adding the user to Remote Desktop User.

Step 3: Test the new user

Disconnect from the server and login again with the newly created Username to check if everything is working okay.


Congratulations. You created a new user and gave it RDP permissions on your Windows Server 2016.

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  1. Anne says

    It was so many years ago when I did this, I always ran the administrator as main user until a friendly advice made me look into the securer direction of this.
    This last point, adding to remote desktop user, that I forgot totally….

  2. Thabiso Movundlela says

    Is there a way to allow the remote users to be able to install programs without requiring the administrator's passwords/ permisions?

    • Yavuz Aydin says

      Without RDS licenses you can only have 2 Administrators logging in. For RDS access RDS licenses are required, if you're server is hosted with you can purchase them from through the client area.

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