How to set up Acronis Backup Cloud on cPanel

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Installing Acronis Backup Cloud on cPanel

In this article, we will explain how you can install Acronis on cPanel. cPanel is software in the form of a web application. cPanel makes it possible for a webmaster to easily set up a  server with websites, e-mail accounts, and DNS.


Step 1: Log in using SSH

You must be logged in via SSH as sudo or root user. Please read this article for instructions if you don’t know how to connect.

Step 2: Installing the Acronis Plugin

Run this command:

sh <(curl -L || wget -O -

Step 3: Installing the Backup Agent

Go to <your.ip.address.>:2087 to login into your WHM

WHM login screen

At the top-left search bar, search for Plugins. Then click on Acronis Backup.

WHM Plugins

Insert your login credentials and click on Sign In.

WHM Acronis login

Make sure to turn encryption on, and to remember the password. When ready click on Enable.

WHM Acronis encryption

The installation will now start.

Acronis Operation Progress

If you’re getting an error bar, go to Dashboard and turn on Backup manually.

acronis backup

Step 4: Making a backup

To make a backup, click on Run Now.

Acronis cPanel backup menu

The backup will now start.

Acronis cPanel backup menu-2

When it’s done, you will see it’s Succeeded .

cPanel Acronis backup success


Congratulations, you have now installed Acronis Backup on cPanel.

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