Our Dell 13th Generation PowerEdge Servers

Are you looking for a powerful solution to accelerate the workloads of your server? Consider our Dell 13th Generation PowerEdge Servers. The Dell 13th Generation PowerEdge Servers provide an advanced processor, memory and storage technology. This leads to the rapid implementation of database-intensive applications, scalability and effective server management. Furthermore, our Dell 13th Generation Servers provide energy efficiency so your server is capable of producing more work and has a longer lifecycle

With a great storage capacity and together with enough RAM, your dedicated server will be able to run all your, database server, mail server, web server or applications flawlessly. Our Dell PowerEdge 13th Generation Servers are also very suitable for virtualization environments or other applications that require a lot of capacity. So are you ready to conquer every challenge with this product line? Take a look at our dedicated server offer and start configuring your machine to your needs.

All these features, completely yours.


Cost and energy saving

You can reduce your costs and increase the energy efficiency due to the energy efficient processor and memory.


Efficient in-server storage

Powerful in-server storage allows
you to accelerate performance with flexible configurations designed to maximize the efficiency of your solutions.


More processing power

The Intel Xeon processors
gives a boost to virtualized environments and performance-hungry business applications.


iDrac 8 Simplified Server Managment

iDRAC 8 provides improved server management functionalities compared to its predecessors.


Hardware RAID

All our dedicated machines include Hardware RAID. This will provide speed and reliability.


1 Gbps Uplink Connection

All our Dell 13th Generation PowerEdge Servers include 1 Gbps Uplink connection. This means that your data and content will be able to reach the internet much quicker.


Customisable Server

You can fully configure the memory and disks of our Dell 13th Generation PowerEdge Servers to your needs.


99.99% Uptime

Your server is fast, stable and reliable thanks to our network. Your availability is 99.99%. 


Cancel Anytime

You can also cancel your plan through your My.snel.com account at any time.

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