Which ports are blocked on Dedicated Servers and VPS?

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Port 25 is blocked on Dedicated Servers and VPSs

In order to protect our IPs from getting blacklisted and to prevent abuse on our network, we have blocked outgoing email for port 25 on all servers that we offer. As a better alternative, we offer Smarthost. This is a Free Outgoing Spam filter service that will allow you to send clean emails. For more information regarding our SMPT relay service take a look at the link below:


Port 5060 is blocked on VPSs

We have also blocked port 5060 due to ongoing SIP brute-force attacks originating from our network. Hence, Outgoing traffic on port 5060 tcp/udp has been blocked for our VPS platforms. If you are running a legitimate service requiring port 5060 outbound we can make some exceptions for your service. You can send an email to [email protected] with your requirement and after we have reviewed your email we can enable the port on your server.

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