Why you should use Dedicated KVM

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Sometimes you may not be able to reach your server the usual way (with SSH). That’s where KVM comes in handy. When you have locked yourself, KVM over IP is the second door to enter your server safely. A KVM allows you to take control of your server independently. You can control your hardware and software very easily at BIOS level.

All of our servers include a dedicated KVM and there are many benefits to the KVM technology. You can use your KVM to:

  • Monitor your server health
  • Access your server when the network is down
  • Boot from ISO
  • Power on/off system
  • Configure (hardware) RAID controller
  • Configure BIOS
  • Retrieve hardware logs etc
  • Read sensors data such as your CPU temperature, fan speed, and voltage
  • Serial over LAN etc

We offer the following KVM versions:

  • SuperMicro IPMI
  • Dell iDrac Enterprise 7
  • Dell iDrac Enterprise 8
  • Dell iDrac Enterprise 9

How can I use my KVM?

You can use your KVM by logging in to your client area. After you are logged in click to services > server > KVM Management

You are now logged in to the KVM page in your client area. Via this page, you can find your KVM details and you are also able to issue commands such as resetting your KVM and visiting the KVM page.


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