Static IP configuration on Windows Server 2012/2016

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How to configure a static IP on Windows Server

By default, our machines come with your main IP address installed. You will need to upgrade your machine in our client area if you need additional IP addresses. After this, you can start assigning the IP addresses to your windows machine.


  • Administrator login credentials.

Step 1: Connect to RDP

Connect to your VPS using Remote Desktop with your administrator login credentials.

RDP login window

Step 2: Go to Network and Sharing Center

Go to Start > Type in Control Panel and open Control Panel >  Network and sharing center and press View network status.

Network and sharing center

Step 3: Go to Ethernet Status

Click on Ethernet. This will open the Ethernet status window.

Ethernet Status

Step 4: Go to Ethernet Properties

Click on Properties and select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.

Ethernet Properties

Step 5: Configure the main IP address

You are able to configure the main IP address of your machine here Select Use the following IP address if it’s not selected.

Fill in the following using your details in your client panel.
IP address  :
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

IP-protocol General

You can find these details in your client panel see below.

For CloudVPS you can find it under Services > Network tab.

Static IP network

For Dedicated servers, you can find it under Service > IP Management tab.

IP Management

If you don’t have additional IP addresses you may skip to step 9

Step 6: Add multiple IP addresses

By clicking Advanced you will be able to add multiple IP addresses.

Advanced TCP IP

Step 7: Add additional IP addresses

Click Add under IP addresses to add the additional ipv4 address(es).

TCP-IP Addresses

Step 8: Add additional Gateways

You will need to add the additional gateways in case these are different from the main IP address. You can add this by clicking add under default gateways.

TCP-IP Gateway

Repeat step  7 & 8 for each additional IP address.

Step 9: Verify configuration

You can verify the configuration by opening Windows Powershell and typing in.

ipconfig /ALL

In the following screen, you will be able to see the new IP address(es).

ipconfig window


Congratulations, you have configured your static IP on Windows Server 2012/2016.

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