How do I install my own operating system?

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This article will help you install your own operating system on your server with us. Please note The virtual media feature of IPMI, which you will need for this installation, only works on Windows operation systems.


  • A web browser, preferably Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera.
  • The latest java version available at
  • The ISO of the operating system you want to install

Step 1: Log in to your client area

Log in to your client area, click KVM and copy the login details.

Step 2: Entering the details

Click on the KVM link and enter the details you copied earlier.

Step 3: Launch the console

Go to ‘Remote Control’, click ‘Console Redirection’ and launch the Console.

Then accept the various java security prompts.

Step 4: Mounting your ISO

Click ‘Virtual Media’ (inside the java console!) and mount your ISO as ‘CD/DVD’.

Step 5: Rebooting the server

Reboot your server by rebooting it through your client area.

Step 6: Entering the BIOS

Enter the BIOS (hit delete when booting) and go to ‘Boot’.

Use the – and + keys to make sure the USB attached drive is first in the list.

Step 7: Save the settings

Save the BIOS settings and exit BIOS.

Step 8: Rebooting the server

The server will automatically boot from your ISO and you can install it.


Congratulations, you have successfully installed your own operating system on a server.

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